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    Ellis Davis

    People who know me know that I get my best Baccarat ideas while sleeping. The last few nights I’ve been woken by the best idea of my life.

    The biggest complaint I get is:

    Ellis, I don’t want to spend the rest of my life learning Baccarat and I don’t want to spend time in the casinos reading tote boards. Just teach me one simple mechanical system that beats everything.

    I’ve always said that is impossible. I was WRONG! I clearly saw exactly how to do just that in my dream of the last few nights. AND it is pure simple.

    We teach six systems in the FW manual to match all 6 shoe types. They are all simple but one is by far the simplest. Anybody can learn exactly how to play S40 in a matter of minutes. S40 is our Chop system for high 1’s and 2s. Well my dream showed me a simple addition to S40 that makes it not only beat Choppy shoes but also Neutral and Streaky shoes. In other words EVERYTHING! I’m calling it System ONE because one system is all you need. Anybody can learn ONE system especially when it is the simplest system ever.

    By the way: S40 got its name by beating 40 shoes in a row played at 5 different casinos in 3 different States. What did it average? 12.5 units per shoe.

    The second biggest complaint I get is:

    Ellis, My credit card(s) are limited to $500 Max???

    Right, so are 95% of the credit cards issued in the U.S. Selling ANYTHING you want to think twice, even 3 times, before you price anything above $500. BECAUSE, once you go above $500 you eliminate 95% of your potential buyers.

    Therefore CFC will sell you this system for $495. ONE system that plays EVERYTHING!

    But what about the cost of the private forum???

    You won’t need the private forum. I mean you can join it if you want because I’m sure System ONE will be the main topic of discussion. But you don’t need the private forum to learn System ONE because it is so extremely simple. All you need is a System ONE Manual which explains EVERYTHING and includes played out sample shoes with play by play explanations. I already have the manual 90% complete and it will be complete by the time you read this. We are talking pure simplicity here. Anybody can learn this system completely from the manual alone leaving them with NO questions. But just in case, I will include my email address. The manual will start out showing you exactly how to set up your score card and the few instruction will be in plain English. Then, plenty of sample games.

    Ellis, I prefer to play on line???

    Right, many like the idea of making money at home in their spare time.

    Just be sure you choose sites with LIVE on line games, not so called random generators.

    How do I order? I will ask CFC to post simple ordering instructions.




    Ellis, what’s the win rate of this new system – in terms of % of shoes won?


    Ellis Davis

    Hi aizman! Good to hear from you!

    I used to play this system in Vegas full time. Well, almost this system. The way I played, I got ON runs after they went 4 – sometimes too late. But in a minus O/R count System ONE gets on runs after they go 2 – a BIG difference! And a BIG advantage!

    My shoe win rate for those 5 or 6 years was VERY high – not perfect but very high. I lost maybe 1 shoe in 10. I expect System ONE to do even better because it gets on runs very early and we seem to be getting a LOT of runs these days.

    But to my way of thinking the object should not be Win every shoe because you’ve set yourself a mathematically impossible goal.

    You need a high win rate (90% or more) but you need a possible goal. I like:

    “Win more money in the shoes you win than you lose in the shoes you lose.”

    Now you are being practical !

    But, once you are 30 units up in the next denomination – GO to it.

    THAT is how you get to a million! Sure, it is a feat but not as hard as you think!



    Ellis Are Sap Counts needed? stop win stop loss?


    Ellis Davis

    Hi jd! Coincidentally I was just thinking about that very question. Here is the answer I came up with. No, you don’t need your SAP count. You can base everything on the O/R count. BUT there are certain situations that come up where you wish you had your SAP counts to refer to. So, I’ll include both in the manual, O/R and SAP.

    But don’t be afraid of keeping your counts. You can learn both in ten minutes. And once you’ve done it at casino speed a couple times, it’s duck soup.

    Yes jd, you ALWAYS protect Yourself with stop wins and stop loss. They will be in your manual.




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