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    Hi Everyone.

    I have just now signed up as a member with CasinoForum.com

    What got me wanting to be part of this started a month ago when I was in business with Casino Weekly Winners, which was basically a group of people doing live calls to their weekly paid/active members and placing bets in Baccarat. All the members have to do is follow their bankroll management and listen to all bets that are being made in the live call.

    Now me personally, before I was even doing this, I never knew what Baccarat was. I have played Poker, Black Jack, and 5 Card Draw with family and friends, never played Baccarat. I never thought that this was so simple. I learned how to play after a few minutes.

    Now with Casino Weekly Winners, they had some crazy strategy that I couldn’t even figure out. They had results of making 94% wins and they don’t make consistent nor random bets. They had members make at least $1000 a week just by using their strategy. So I thought “why not give this a try?”

    So after only doing one week of Baccarat with that program, I lost $700 and I stopped messing with Casino Weekly Winners.

    After suffering with losses, I wanted to learn a much better to have more wins in Baccarat. Pretty soon, I found the Net Betting Vs Player Strategy video by Keith Smith YouTube Channel. And I was like “This strategy sounds much simpler than what Casino Weekly Winners had.”

    So I gave Keith Smith’s Strategy a try with a little practice (No real bets) in 3 different Live Baccarat sessions

    1st session: Down 10 Units (Mainly Repeats on Banker)

    2nd & 3rd session: at least ahead 3 units (Choppy results mostly)

    I honestly like how this works and I would like to learn MORE about this NOR Baccarat.

    My Goal is to where this is a full time commitment, invest into my personal business, and take care of my parents with their financial issues.

    I would love to learn more about the NOR Baccarat strategy.

    I will be looking forward to making testimonial videos, showing screenshots of my results, and thanking BeatTheCasino.com for giving me a better understanding with how the Casino can be beaten in Baccarat.

    Thanks you for reading this all the way through.



    FYI Casino Weekly Winners (Rapha-El Daligheto) uses the Dragon System. Took me a bit to figure it out.


    That was another thing too. I never got to know what kind of system they were using. But now since you know, would you mind sharing with me how that system just out of curiosity?


    Ellis Davis

    Welcome Jordan! We love good posters! I started and ran Keith’s BTC forum for many years as well as his “Winning Ways” forum before BTC. But Keith and I came to an impasse over two years ago – unfortunately. I left them with no Systems Designer and no systems since I copyrighted all the systems I taught at BTC, including NOR (Neutral, Opposites, Repeats) , which thousands, including the BTC members, say is the best way Baccarat can be played. So I started my own forum right here at CFC. Many BTC members came over.- the brighter ones.

    Well, not so fast. Since I was winning nearly every shoe with NOR along with many BTC members, the casinos reacted to NOR and came up with so called Factory Preshuffled Cards. Jordan, we tend to envision a bunch of guys sitting around shuffling cards at the card factory. Ha, NO, the cards are fixed in whatever card orders the casino chooses. So, of course, Casinos order casino favorable card orders.

    At first the casinos favored what we call “Random” card orders because THEIR Mathematicians said nobody can beat Random cards (all events occur at their mathematically normal random occurrence. Ha, WRONG! We Killed them with MDB which simply bets that all events will occur at their normal frequency of occurrence. You bet ON what is happening the least and AGAINST what is happening the most. Simple, so MDB killed them. “Random” shoes are, in fact, the easiest to beat once you know how – once you know MDB which I published at BTC, ha, AND Copyrighted. SO, the casinos went right back to NOR patterns but now with a sprinkling of Random shoes. DAM, that makes todays game harder than ever before. Not only do you need the 5 NOR systems for NOR shoes, but today you also need to know how to beat Random shoe that follow no NOR pattern. So I came up with ANB (Advanced Net Betting) which beats Random shoes far more effectively than MDB. I should know since I designed BOTH approaches – MDB and ANB – well, and NOR.

    I also know the guy who developed “Dragon”. He is an honest man but Math is against him. Look Jordan, the cards have no memory. No matter how long a game has gone without a Dragon, the odds of a dragon are Horrible – along with Panda and Ties. Look Jordan, Ties occur 1 in 10 and pay 8 to 1. Ties are the worst bet in the casino. Panda and Dragon are not far behind. The more you bet them the more you lose. That is simple Math, as you found out – the hard way.

    Then there is Keith trying to teach you how to play with NO system – how to Guess. Look Jordan – that is exactly what everyone at the table is TRYING to do. The casinos KNOW that and their shoes are designed to beat guessers. The casinos love guessers – they lose at seemingly impossible rates – just as you found out – the hard way! I’ve played with Keith hundreds if not thousands of times both BJ and Bac. I have yet to see him win. And now he’s going to teach??? Good luck with THAT! – as you soon found out, fortunately for you.

    The casinos fear only ONE thing – the well equipped Systems players.

    You need 6 arrows in your quiver AND you need to know WHICH arrow to use in the game at hand.

    So I developed the SAP count – very simple. Anybody can learn it in 5 minutes.

    Low 1’s is always Repeats – aka F1.

    High 1′ and 2s (chop) is S40

    High 2s is OTB4L.

    High 3s depends on what they are high with. High 3s with high 1’s and low 2s is TB4L.

    High 3s with high 2s is OTB4L – VERY common.

    High 3s with high 4+ is F1.

    High 4+ is F1. VERY common these days.

    Strong side is F3 and even F4. Incredibly common these days.

    None of the above (tied SAP counts) is ANB – very common.

    OR, I am about to post a flat bet system for those who don’t like the high bets that ANB can incur. I’ve been incredibly busy testing it out and perfecting it. As far as I know, which is pretty far, it is the FIRST flat bet system anyone has ever designed – that actually works – certainly better than guessing!

    Jordan, I’m glad you found us – finally. Please, help us get the word out. Somehow we seem to be the best kept secret in Baccarat – Certainly not on purpose.  We are also the cutting edge of Baccarat – by a country mile – certainly better than guessing. Dam, I feel sorry for Keith. We had been best friends since he was old enough to enter casinos. But guessing? Good luck with that!


    Ellis Davis

    So you enter a casino with NO system in mind. Clear headed. The tote boards tell you first, what the casino is favoring that day at that hour and second SAP tells which is the best table to play and which system to play. Which arrow to pick to Win! We are pros. We think like a pro. It is no longer a game to us. It’s a job.

    We bet either Opposite or Repeat according to the SAP and O/R counts. That way the table odds are 50/50. Bank or Player is the best odds in the whole casino! The counts keep up with anything a shoe chooses. The idea is to bet WITH the shoe rather than against it. We are very often the biggest winners at the table while betting the least.

    We totally ignore the other players. They lose. The only time I’m nervous is when I happen to be betting WITH the table. BECAUSE the table generally LOSES – freaking big time. Guessers keep Baccarat in business!  

    So this guy sits down next to me with his wife, I think, directly behind him, for a new shoe at Flamingo – no commission. He starts with a maximum bet on Dragon. The dam thing hits! – 40 to 1! He keeps betting it. Hand 50 he’s broke and buys in again. He loses. They depart. I’m at +18 playing ANB. My highest bet was a rare 4. I push through to +20. He got the attention. I got the money! He was a freaking loud amateur out for show. I’m a silent pro out for money! To me, it’s just a job!



    Hi Jordan. I don’t know the Dragon system I just know that’s what they use at Casino Weekly Winners.

    To me honestly Ellis is one of the best if not THE greatest innovator in the baccarat game. His S40 system alone is a work of brilliance. I have seen him play live 2 times as he practiced what he preached in front of ANYONE  and I saw him do very well!

    I have developed my own way of playing and I also have done well and if it weren’t for Ellis and his developments I don’t know if I would be where I am with my game right now. Well I know I wouldn’t period.





    Hi everyone,

    Also a new member here.  Excited to learn more about all these great systems and new flat bet method too.




    Ellis, thanks for your description of various ways to approach the game.  I have been playing successfully for many years, but always looking for new ideas to help my game, which is what brought me to this site.  TBH though, I have heard mixed things and can’t help but notice there is almost no activity/posting here.  Be interested to hear more and from more players.



    Another week and still no one posting here?  Are there any members who are successfully playing the CFC systems?

    Although I am not a member at BTC, I was in Vegas last weekend and dropped in on their play session Saturday night.  I have to say it was quite impressive to see a group playing so well and winning.  Then they all went upstairs to a private table so I went back to Aria where I was staying.  Later that night I saw one of them playing at Aria and he was just killing the tables playing between $500-$2000 per hand.  Very impressive.  This is why I am so interested to hear about other’s experiences and what is being learned here.


    Ed Gil

    Members Alert Alert Alert!!!

    Ellis had to put his partner Ann in the Hospital.

    He will be back in a few days.

    Ed Gil


    Ellis Davis

    Hi guys, still on a life saving type of mission for Ann but I had to make a stop back home.

    First, Welcome to all the new guys!

    Please allow me to get you oriented.

    First, WHY Baccarat?

    Because Baccarat presents the BEST player odds in the casino, by far @ 50/50.

    Yes we pay commission one way or another @ 1.25 % BUT commission has absolutely NOTHING to do with the table odds – just as tipping a waitress has nothing to do with the table odds. They are in fact 50/50.

    But Ellis, Bank has better odds than Player, right ???

    Correct! About 1%. Nevertheless, Bank only players get killed because those odds are so close that Player can easily win 10 or 15 shoes in a row. NO ONE has ever been successful attempting to take advantage of the slight Bank advantage and many bit the dust trying.

    Well… No one EXCEPT the CASINOS !!!

    Better to look at the shoe from a different perspective –

    After play 1 which I NEVER play – ha, unless AL is around! –

     an “Opposite” (Opposite the last play) – or a “Repeat” (same as last play).

    The odds are exactly 50/50 ! – no matter what old wives tales may say.

    Bank only players tend to bet extremely long progressions – often more than 10 bets – which eventually they will lose. And with today’s casino tactics – they lose a lot quicker than random math would allow.

    I had this Asian friend playing $100 – $10,000 14 player tables at Foxwood where I was playing daily.

    I’ll just call him AL. So I walk in one night and there is a reserved card for Al at one of the spots, ha, not at spot 4 because there is no spot 4 on a 14 player table but there is a 15 spot. Casinos cater to Asian superstitions!

    The Asians at both CT and AC call me “the Professor”

    AL had spot 5 reserved so I took spot 6.

    “When is AL coming?”

     “9 PM sharp!”

    I sat out the end of the current shoe which finished exactly at 9 PM.

    AL walks into the high stakes room and takes seat 5. We have a little conversation watching the 20 minute shuffle conclude right there on the huge table.

    I buy in with 12 hundred dollar bills – all Black.

    AL buys in for $20,000 !

    They are finally ready to deal the first hand to a full table. A player cuts the cards.

    AL puts up $1000 on Bank!

    I put up $100 on Player. I win.

    AL puts up another $1000 on Bank !

    I bet $100 on Player. I win.

    Al bets $2000 on Bank!

    I bet $100 on P. I win.

    AL bets $3000 on Bank!

    I bet $100 on P. I win.

    Al bets $5000 on Bank!

    I bet $100 on P. I win.

    AL bets $8000 on Bank – a perfect Negative Fibonaci.

    I bet $100 on P. I win.

    I’m up $600 at play 6.

    AL is down $20,000.

    AL Exclaims to me! Ellis! that is the 2nd shoe in a row I played at this table that started with 6 Players. THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!!! What can I do???

    “Right it is virtually impossible – the odds are 1 out of 4096 !”

    “AL ! You might try not telling the casino when and where and how you are going to play!!!”

    “Aha! Ellis, You are absolutely RIGHT !!! – There is no other possibility!”

    “……. THANKS ELLIS!”

    “AL! Next time announce yourself, take your reserved seat, put up $1000 on B early while they are still shuffling. But just before they deal the first card, change your bet to $5000 on P. If P comes up 6 times, take your $30.000 and GO HOME!”

    You are exactly right Ellis except I’m thinking $10,000!”

    “YEP!” “Ha, no commission!”


    Guys. that was THEN – this is NOW!

    To beat todays casinos you MUST know exactly what you are up against !

    Nearly every casino today deals “factory Preshuffled Cards” !

    In other words Fixed Cards.

    If the table is betting Opposites (novices) the casino deals streak!

    If the table is betting Repeats they’ll get chop. THAT is the casino’s job! It is their job to beat you. Their sole purpose. They are incredibly good at their job. On average the casino wins at the published rate of 15%. Ha, a little hanky panky going on there. It used to be 30% and went down to 15% virtually over night! Ha, did the casinos suddenly get stupid???

    Ha, NO – they got smarter!

    “But Ellis, Fixed cards! That’s cheating! In a Saturday night poker game, you could get shot for fixing the cards. Let’s turn them in with a class action law suit!”

    Ha, you would lose!

    The fact is, Casinos have to cheat to survive! So they don’t consider it cheating. Neither do the governments they pay their huge taxes to.

    Besides, WE WANT THEM TO CHEAT !


    Cheating is what makes casinos vulnerable.

    Baccarat is a game of opportunity!

    What you need to know is how to identify and exploit opportunity! THAT is what I teach both on the private forum and in your Final Word Manual. You can still get both for $750. BUT, I can’t hold that price forever!

    I’ve got to run but I’ll be back to posting daily in a few days.












    Thanks Ellis for the information that you have shared with us. You are the reason that I joined the Beat the Casino forum in the first place. Not Keith. I hardly understand half of the things he explains. You, on the other hand, make more sense. Which is why I was wondering why you both split ways. That’s okay.

    So I wrote a blog that explains how I approach the game of Baccarat and it has been pretty consistent for me. Probably because my focus is to just make 1% to 5% per day and per day in total. If anyone would like to read that blog you can read it here:


    I’m looking forward to share more results to everyone on here.

    Be blessed Winners!!!



    Hey jordan i am new to the forum as well. I started with casino winners weekly last year. im Surprised it still has continued. I didnt do so well at all. I tried it for two weeks and it just didnt work for me.


    Ellis Davis

    Hi agent13! I like that user name. Your story is very familiar. Nearly everyone on the private forum came up from some wantabe Bac instructor that usually does more harm than good. I think you will like it here. We are in a league of our own!


    Hi Agent13. I could never figure out how Casino Weekly Winners when it come to when to place a bet but they were using the Martingale System, which is not my favorite system

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