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    Happy Saturday to Everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. In my town, we are experiencing our first few inches of snow for the holidays. So while it’s snowing, I’ve spent my day staying warm and playing some Baccarat and Blackjack. Speaking of Baccarat, I want to share with everyone today’s session. This is one of those sessions where things was going well and then a stop loss of 6 losses in a row was really close to occurring. This is why I do not like playing an entire shoe. Especially when you are way ahead of your goal. My goal was suppose to be just 10 units, but by the time I made the 10 units, the shoe was still very early. So I continued playing until losses kicked in. So instead of being ahead 30 units (As shown in the screenshot), I finished with earning 8.35 units. This is an example of reminding myself to stick with the goal you are going for and not be greedy. Minimum table limit was my base unit.

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