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    Want to learn how to walk up to a blackjack table  and jump in for a quick kill?   Playing a $10 or $15 table you can take them for a couple or few hundred dollars in minutes.  Or a $25 table, take them for $500 in minutes.   Or a high limit table just you and the dealer for a thousand dollars in minutes  or  playing for a half hour or an hour and take them for thousands of dollars.  Ellis and I can show you.  I am a long time student of Ellis for almost 20 years.  So, I guess you can call me a master student of blackjack. He wrote the first blackjack manual that revealed the truth about casino blackjack in the 80s.  He was a professional full time blackjack player before he discovered winning at baccarat.  Blackjack is his first love as well as mine. When you read this manual you will be shocked and laugh at the same time.  How to beat this game is easy and so obvious.  Even after reading the manual, Ellis and I will be here to help you  on going.  You will walk in to a casino  and be the only one whi will be armed like Ellis and I are.  The casinos also have a copy of his manual  in the dealers reading/break room and are REQUIRED to know it well.  You can even download different casino manuals from Google that will instruct the dealer to watch for strange card plays and betting from the first seat and last seat.  There is a reason for this as you will find out in the manual.




    Ellis Davis

    Overall, given all tables and all positions at those tables, perfect BS gives you a 43% hands won rate. All BJ Instructors agree on that point. Not good.

    However, there is ONE position at one easy to find game type where perfect BS produces very close to a 50% win rate. Moreover, you strongly tend to win every other hand, Win, lose, win, lose, etc. This is perfect for a 146 progression. If you are winning your second bets the most, you put the emphasis on them. You end up winning only half your bets but you KILL the table. Did you ever see a dealer cry? 

    There is another position at a different game type where you can very accurately predict when you’ll get a first card ten. At that point, your odds of winning just went to 74% !

    Therefore you bet your high bet when you expect a ten and your low bet when you don’t. Again, you absolutely KILL the table. I’ve won $10,000 in less than a half hour with a low bet of $100 and a high bet of $200.

    Probably because of the huge success of hand shuffled BJ in Downtown Las Vegas, traditional BJ is making a strong comeback. And I know all the tricks of the trade!



    Ellis , I think if I had your skills , I would live in a city with casino’s !

    Why Arkansas .even if it is, what a 100 or so miles from Tunica where you live?

    I know , you have lived in those casino cities before……seems to me , be a lot easier on you , considering your health challenges , not having to drive or catch a plane .




    The One and Only…….you posted a few days ago about a manual and how you and Ellis will be there to help us on going!  Could you explain where this manual is?


    Ellis Davis

    Hi Button. The manual, NBJ (NEw Blackjack) long held as the Bible of Blackjack is immediately available for download at a price of $440.

    There is also the advanced manual WCB (World Class BJ) also available for download at an additional price of $440 which includes training audios and films and Newsletters.

    Then you can get any questions you might still have answered here on the BJ forum.


    Ellis Davis

    Johnnycs1, back when I played full time for a living I did live in casino cities or areas, first in Atlantic City until I got barred, (at The Madison House), then Las Vegas until I got barred, then The Gulf Coast until I got barred and then the Foxwood Mohegan area. I also owned a condo in the Bahamas.

    But at 76, I’m too old to play full time anymore. That’s why I teach. 

    When you get a chance, read my bio.



    I think there is a page or a link for that.  Ellis?



    Not really believe that=((

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