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    Ellis Davis

    Right b2b! I like the idea of a shoe of the week also.I would like to get back to your important post 5527. Guys please go back and refresh your memory.

    In fact b2b, SAP was a system when I first copyrighted it some 25 years ago. And it was a very good system!

    It’s drawback for me was it didn’t bet every hand. When I played Tunica for 8 years full time I needed to play every hand because I started my play daily at 7 AM sharp so I was constantly opening tables and playing head to head. So I played OTB4L for 2 good reasons: 1.) It is an every hand system, but 2.) the card prep Tunica consistently used back then STRONGLY favored OTB4L.

    So life was simple: Nearly every new cards shoe was OTB4L and occasionally S40. But it is easy to switch from OTB4L to S40 whenever necessary. I didn’t have a losing day for 8 years and was averaging close to 20 units a shoe betting U1D2 usually basing at 1 but often at 2 in the really good shoes. Their card prep never produced streak! I rarely got to a 6 bet and bet a 7 bet only once in 8 years. I won that shoe at +20 !

    When I went back to Tunica for the first time in 8 years a few months ago, the whole 8 man Casino Mgt Staff came down to meet me and shake my hand. No one else ever beat them as bad (or good) as I did.

    But back to SAP. SAP beats biased shoes while RSAP beats random (frequently tying SAP counts) You can use progressions OR you can flat bet.

    Many of our students prefer flat betting and they don’t mind not betting every hand since others are in the game that DO bet every hand.

    I’m thinking that many of our students would like me to teach the SAP and RSAP systems again. Therefore I’m planning to do this but, of course, on the private forum. Watch for a SAP/RSAP new thread.



    Ellis, I’m going to try this post again..What happened to the F1,F2,F3,F4, Simplistic rules/play that you said you were going to have posted up in order to explain the easy way to play and recognize what are the caveats to each,, We seem to be back into the other strategies when this was supposed to be the new better selection of play in most situations..None the less, just to know how to really play these would be a great compliment to the rest of strategies..Thanks..,


    Ellis Davis

    Sorry ricky. Been slowed up a bit from a nasty infection I caught my last casino trip plus a war with BTC which I think is over now. I’ll post it right now on a new thread called F simplified.


    Ellis Davis

    Right! I think you guys should post whatever shoe you would like to see discussed.- Not me. Good grief, Jordan posted a shoe from the day before that turned out to be a PERFECT OTB4L shoe. So I play it OTB4L 345 and immediately get accused of posting a ringer shoe by BTC.  It wasn’t even my shoe FCOL. Those guys have gone plum loco over there. – grasping for straws. 

    BTW, Vincent (BTC) means well with his VINSAP system over there but he told me he dropped the weighting of the SAP count to get around my 25 year old SAP copyright. First I copyrighted the use of an events count to guide your play. So dropping the weighting does not get around my copyright. But I know that Vincent is a dedicated player. If he wants to use my copyright all he need do is ask my permission.

    But once you drop the weighting SAP becomes meaningless. You fall victim to the 50% rule of Calculus: In the long run:

    6s occur half as often as 5s

    5s occur half as often as 4s.

    4s occur half as often as 3s

    3s occur half as often as 2s and

    2s occur half as often as 1s which are half of all events.

    No getting around that. THAT is why we must use proper weighting to cancel out the normal frequency of events.

    Vincent, I recall when PJ made the same mistake. And PJ was the most frequent playing partner of the great 2 million dollar winner – Norm!

    But OZ ? No freaking way. People SAW NORM play – including me and PJ.

    Nobody ever saw OZ play but I have hundreds of his casino cards. No freaking way!


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