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    Ellis Davis

    1.) S40 for choppy tote boards.

    2.) OTB4L for Neutral tote boards – shoes that are neither choppy nor streaky.

    3.) F2 for streaky tote boards. STraight runs and ZZ runs on both sides

    4.) F1 (Repeats) for extreme streak on both sides.

    5.) F3 and F4 for Strong Sided shoes (SS)

    6.) ANB for mixed shoes that fit none of the above. (Very common with today’s “factory Preshuffled Cards”)


    Why not TB4L? Too dangerous – it loses to 2’s which are the second most common event.

    Yes, I admit that I sometimes play TB4L. Because a favorite trick of the casinos is shoes with NO 2s. The mathematical odds of a 2-less shoe are 1 out of 256,000 BUT If there are no 2s by play 36 it is pretty certain the shoe will remain 2-less. I pounce on that casino strategy with TB4L! AND, I EXPLOIT!

    BUT! Another favorite entrapment of the casino is streaky shoes starting out perfect TB4L to about play 15 – 20. Then they bombard you with 2s. Half of all 2s follow 1’s. Those are bad enough for TB4L. But the other half follow 2 or mores. Those kill you!

    Unless the first half of the shoe has no 2s, it is much safer to play F2 in streaky shoes. F2 beats any TB4L shoe but runs by 2s routinely. Much SAFER, as well as simpler. You can learn F1 F2 F3 and F4 in five minutes.

    The hardest systems to learn are OTB4L and ANB. But any devoted player can learn them from the rules provided along with the sample played shoes provided in your FW Manual. Plus you can ask any questions you might have on the private Bac forum – That’s what it is for. 

    ANYONE can learn how to beat Baccarat. But no one can learn on their own. Many have tried but NONE were successful. The casinos see to that.

    You must also learn how to read a tote board! Tote boards are your best  friend in the casino. They tell you how to beat the shoe they are recording. They are like a road map telling you which system will be the MOST effective. Very often several of your 6 systems will beat the shoe at hand but there is always a best system to play and a best way to bet it.

    There are also EXPLOITABLE shoes where you can make 50 or more units in one shoe IF you know how to recognize them AND how to bet them. We teach you all of that – with examples. AND, EXPLOITABLE shoes are far more common than you think! One of my students holds the record – 440 units in ONE shoe! Unfortunately she was only betting quarters!

    If you have played Baccarat at all, I can guarantee you that you have played highly exploitable shoes perhaps not even recognizing them.

    Tote boards are your best tool in the casino IF you know how to read them. They tell you when to EXPLOIT and they also tell you when to avoid a table altogether. We teach you how to exploit tote boards.

    Trained players beat Baccarat routinely. Untrained players lose at incredible rates no matter how hard they try.

    Guessing? – even educated guessing? Give it a try if you like – everyone else does. You’ll be right back here very shortly – probably broke.

    But ANY devoted student can beat this game. There is no math involved. It is just plain common sense. The light bulbs start turning on as you learn. And before you know it YOU became a winning player. That’s a neat club. Less than 1% of players beat this game. You want to be in that 1%. It’s not hard but it takes a little devotion.

    E. Clifton Davis








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