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    Dragon Slayer

    Thru very intense testing, I now know this.  MvD, today is more reliable, even in a very obvious, highly biased shoe than Nor is.  With Nor,  it is best the bias last the whole shoe (not likely)   Or that we reach our stop win goal before the bias changes. We can enter a biased shoe and play Nor, and the bias changes as we get in.   With MvD,  we do very well in a biased shoe.   If the bias changes, and today that is the  new name of the game, MvD  changes with it.  Today, I find about 80% of the shoes are MvD and Anti MvD.



    I also find NOR biases change very quickly, often just when you get in.

    How about ANB?


    Ellis Davis

    Exactly right aizman. Up until 3 years ago, in the U.S., we could depend on NOR biases to last. But the casinos got wise to us. Today we need approaches that don’t function on biases. Sure, we see NOR shoes every now and then, especially F3 and Repeats so we still need to be prepared for them. They can make us a lot of money if and when they come up.

    But today we are up against shoes that simply have no lasting bias. “Designer shoes”.  So, I designed MvD and ANB for that purpose. ANB LIKES designer shoes. Sometimes it needs a lot of room. Sometimes it functions like a pressure cooker building up pressure more and more. But sooner or later it “releases’

    That shoe Carlos posted gets all the way down to minus 10. But then it releases and we finish at +4. So Carlos asked what do we make the stop loss for ANB. I vote for -10. That particular system needs the room to do its thing.

    CFC has got me working on The Final Word Manual and they are helping me with it , including Carlos. They want ANB in the FW manual. After contemplation, I agree. That manual has all biases covered but it needs a way to play unbiased shoes. ANB covers that.

    That shoe Carlos posted, sure it struggles back to +4 from -10.

    But a skilled ANOR player would react to those very high 2s and play OTB4L and stay on all runs. That gets you to +19 with a worst position of +1.

    I’ll post it played both ways.




    Ellis Davis



    Hi Ellis, It seems to me that the not so good MvD shoes are OTB4L. Looking at your example could this be true for ANB? Anybody  else see this while playing MvD. or ANB?

    Thanks, Brian.


    Ellis Davis

    Hi Brian – A very interesting point and yes, I have noticed that with MvD. Maybe it IS also true with ANB. Therefore, as I told another player, when you see OTB4L, PLAY OTB4L. OTB4L is the only NOR system that has no nemesis.

    S40 loses to Streak or a minus O/R count.

    Repeats loses to ZZ.

    F3 loses to repeated 3+s on both sides.

    TB4L loses to 2s

    But the only thing that can beat OTB4L is consistently being in the wrong mode.

    But if you use the O/R  count to determine Mode, as your are supposed to, you are almost never in the wrong mode.

    So we might say, if in doubt, play OTB4L.









    Yes. It’s not too surprising that ANB struggles with OTB4L shoes. These are shoes that are neutral with respect to Opposites v. Repeats (OR count = 0). They are the opposite of streak. Net Betting, in general, tends to lean to one side or the other, and ANB is no exception. ANB can’t really track or consistently bet on 2s.

    On the other hand, that may not be such a bad thing — Nowadays, ‘designer’ shoes that start with a flurry of 2s, often transition towards chop or streak, and ANB should capture that.


    Ellis Davis

    Well, a flurry of 2s ANB is fine if OTB4L is not holding up. It is 2s followed by 3s ANB does not like.

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