CFC No Risk Baccarat Challenge, only 16 days left to get one year Private Membership for only $250USD

Ok looks like some of you potential Private Members need a worthy challenge from our end to prove that this stuff really works in a live game situation, right?

So here’s an idea:
How about any one of our Public Members recording some live game play shoes at their local casinos and then contacting us via private email and sending us only the 1st two events of that shoe.

Then we’ll take it from there and play it out win or lose play by play back to them and only then you can truly simulate the closest thing to an actual live game play session only with Ellis or any of our qualified Private Members to either a Win or Lose shoe.

Then and only then will you be truly convinced that we know this game…

Let’s give this a chance so that no one misses out on our current New Years Resolution Promo for just $250USD offer to get a real behind the scenes peak at the real benefits of becoming a Private Member for one full year.

That’s right so let’s step up to this challenge aimed at CFC to perform.

This challenge will only be available to anyone serious enough to join the Private Forum for one full year via a valid purchase of $250USD first through this promo offer and then if we can not prove or justify their leap of faith into our system over the next 18 days until January 31st, 2018 when this offer expires, then we will gladly refund 100% of that purchase price if you are not satisfied.

You are either in because you win or out because of doubt. Let’s help change all that by resolving this issue right now!

What do you have to lose? Nothing

What do you have to gain? Everything!!!


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One thought on “CFC No Risk Baccarat Challenge, only 16 days left to get one year Private Membership for only $250USD…”

  1. The “risk free” quoted means if we can’t win consistently with your local shoe play then we will refund you the $250 that you paid for your one year private membership that normally sells for $750USD. Note: This offer is only valid till January 31st, 2018

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