Ellis, how much can I make if I undertake your learning program?

That is the most frequently asked question I get.

And I am the most qualified to answer it from my own real world experience as well as from my students.

Let me show you the money aspect first then we can talk about the skills needed to achieve this goal. Let’s make our first goal $100,000.

I’m going to show you our “professional play” plan that can easily get you to $100,000 profits in as little as 75 shoes. Later, I’ll show you how to get from there to your first one million dollars.

Sound far fetched? Well this entire plan is based on a skill level of only 5 chip units a shoe. Look, I have averaged 15 units a shoe for the last 40 years. I’m pretty confident I can get you to a skill level of 5 units a shoe pretty darn quick IF I have your undivided attention.

Step 1:

The goal of our most basic progression is 10 units a shoe ( i.e.; $5, $25, $100 chips divides into  our lowest average chip count bet ) which we often make in the first 20 plays.

Every student here will confirm that 5 units a shoe is an extremely doable first goal. I’ll teach you how to Exploit later but right now I’m basing everything on 5 units a shoe.

For our purposes here a “unit” is our base bet – our lowest bet.

You can make your highest bet 3 or 4 if that is your comfort level – even 2.

I prefer you make your highest bet 6.

That lets you bet what we call an U1D2 prog which achieves a far higher shoe win rate than say a basic 1,2,3.

Your buy-in is 6 units in the denomination you are playing at each level of play ( i.e.; $5, $25, $100 chips divides into  our lowest average chip count bet ).

If you can start with green ($25 chips ) there are only 6 levels of play to surpass $100,000.

About a third of our students start with green chips play (Now you call them $25 units not chips).

And another third start with red ($5 chips ) which leads to our ultimate goal of a third starting with black chips ($100 unit bets).

Step 2:

To safely start at green you need a bankroll of $1,500.00 (divided by two $25 chip units which is $50 = 30 chip units increments).

If you do not yet have that, fine, simply start with $5 red chip times two which is $10 units (multiply that by 30 chip units =  $300.00).

Note that after starting with 30 units for your first level of play, each level of play achieves 30 units in the next denomination. That always gives you 5 chances to achieve the next level. You only need one IF you do everything you were taught correctly but the plan allows for do-overs just in case.

For instance, suppose you start at $25 chip units and average 5 units a shoe for 12 shoes which would total $250.00 per shoe x 12 shoes.

You now have 30 $50 chip units.

Important: So you go to $50 units and flub your first shoe at -4 chip units stop loss.

Step 3:

No worries. You are back in the $25 level with 22 units with a goal of 30 plus units.

To do this you must find a better table!

I will teach you how to do that from the tote boards.

With a fresh start at a better table, 8 x $25 chip units is achievable in one shoe.

So W/O further ado let’s take a look at our professional play plan:

Everything is based on averaging 5 total chip units a shoe:

$25 units:    12 shoes = $1,500 or 30 $50 units

$50 units:    12 shoes = $3,000 or 30 $100 units

$100 units:  12 shoes = $6,000 or 30 $200 units

$200 units:  15 shoes = $15,000 or 30 $500 units

$500 units:  12 shoes = $30,000 or 30 $1000 units

$1000 units:12 shoes = $60,000

Total winnings thus far: $115,500.00

A million dollars is now in sight right?

FACT: the cards do not know the color of your chips.

All this is based on a skill level of 5 units a shoe! Which is a beginner skill level.

“But come on Ellis, I’ve never heard of anyone playing to only a minus 6 chip unit stop loss.”

Correct! First, forget the other players and what they do or don’t do. They haven’t a clue. They are the reason casinos deal Baccarat.

Look, the table odds against players is only 1.25%. Mathematical FACT. Yet on average, they lose at a rate more than ten times that!

They manage to lose 57% of the hands against 50/50 game odds. They would be a whole lot better off just flipping a coin. At least then they would win half the hands in the long run. Or better yet – They should take time out to learn how to play this game.

Here is the actual rule:

NEVER make a bet that could take you below -6 chip units. NEVER!

Leave that table and find a better table.

For instance: Suppose you find yourself at -3 chip units and the system you are playing is calling for a 4 chip unit bet. You QUIT at -3 chip units and get the hell out of there. When you lose, you usually lose right off the bat.

It was SUPPOSED to be the best table in the casino. It obviously wasn’t. Go find it.

Why? Time management.

What is the best use of my time right now?

Sure, maybe you can turn a -6 chip units loss into a +1 chip unit win. But more likely you’ll turn it into a -24 chip unit loss.

Meanwhile a better table might produce a +20 chip unit Win! Go Find it!

Look, when you abide by the -6 stop loss rule, your average losing shoe will be about -4 chip units.

As I’ve already demonstrated, we can deal with those, but -24 chip units losses, not so much.

Look at it this way: If every player’s average losing shoe was -4 chip units, there would be no Baccarat. Casinos could not afford to deal it.

“But Ellis, how can players lose at a rate more than 10 times the table odds. That is Mathematically impossible!”

Correct! At least it would be correct if the cards were random or even if the players simply flipped a coin.

In a nut shell, casinos have 4 basic strategies that kill the average player.

BUT, those same strategies ensure that WE will win. We have 4 basic systems that match their 4 basic strategies and we have two simple counts that tell us which system is the most effective for the shoe at hand. We deploy their own strategies against them. That is why we are so very often the only winners at the table. So very, very often.

First I teach you how to crawl: 5 units a shoe.

But then I teach you how to Exploit. That’s where the biggest money is and the lowest risk is, believe it or not.

Here you are rewarded for the effort you put in. Your Effort is rewarded in cool CASH!

This is all made possible based on the more effort you put in (we like to call it sweat equity) the more money you get out…

You can create this untapped wealth here and only here!

Make your dreams come true if that is your desire!

Three members have already made it to the $$$ million dollar mark!

Now you see how.

One $ to $$ two million! So can you!

Anybody on our “Private Members” site can get to 5 chip units a shoe.

Every Private member here will vouch for that.

And then you learn to Exploit!

Ellis Clifton Davis B-)

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2 thoughts on “Ellis, how much can I make if I undertake your learning program?

  1. Well, I’d like to thank the members who already brought their annual tuition current. You know, we do have to pay the forum operational expenses in order to have a forum.

    You know, I’ve learned the hard way that just getting a book in the mail or on line just doesn’t cut it. Members must have a place to get their questions answered as well as make their own contributions. NO matter how well a book is written, there are always questions. And there are always updates

    For instance: My original NOR manual does not include the system “Repeats” or the system TB4L. It’s only streak system is F. Yet Streak is the most common bias we see in a casino. Sure F3 is great IF you have no 3s on the weak side. But what if you do? NOR needed a major upgrade to take full advantage of the so very common streaky shoes. We sorely needed better ways to take advantage of streaky shoes. So I added Repeats and TB4L to our streak systems. But nobody, including me, can find where those upgrades are presented. The same is true of using the O/R count to best determine Mode. Those major upgrades probably got deleted. So did all the sample games.

    But now we have everything to do with the Final Word Manual in ONE easy to find place right along with shoe examples.

    Take Repeats for instance: Suppose you have a shoe that gets to a -10 O/R count and is high in both 2s and 3 – very, very common. Well high 2s rules out TB4L. High 3s pretty much rules out F or SS.

    The best system is our brand new Repeats upgrade.

    If you simply flat bet Repeats from the beginning, you end up +10 – not bad. But then if you deploy an upgraded progression like U1D2B2, your +10 suddenly becomes +30 or even more. All due to upgrades nobody can find on that old forum and probably aren’t even there any more.

    But now, EVERYTHING to do with streaky shoes is in ONE easy to find place – all the tricks of the trade. The same with choppy shoes. The same with Neutral shoes. I’ve learned from my mistakes. The presentation here is far, far better. See that? Yet this new forum is only half the cost of the old forum.

    So thanks again! Want a way to make that money back? I don’t mind paying a hefty commission to any member who sponsors a new member in the Private Forum. Just make sure your new member tells us who his sponsor is. Or, you can tell us yourself. Just tell us before the fact. Deal?

  2. Great Post Ellis
    Hey Guys I’m living proof that if I can succeed with this plan then anyone can….
    And my Mom always used to say that those who fail to fail to plan, just flat out plan to fail!!!???

    Not my vision of fun at the casino…
    Honestly I’m in Real Estate and I always advise my clients to set aside at least 1% of their total current property value as more of an assurance buffer so that they will not be caught short handed if and when unnecessary expenses show up.

    So in order to protect your investment then you most importantly need this money to keep your venture going.

    So the question arises, Is Intellectual Property equally and critically important as well, from the proven fact that are Ellis’ teachings on this forum and the forum itself are in fact a very valuable “Intellectual Property” for the more serious baccarat player.

    So investing 1% in order of maintain it, makes total sense to me… but what should that 1% going to be based on? Everyone’s different so let’s put all this into perspective.

    Let’s say one of these two choices:
    1) if your total average losses for each year you now playing this game are relatively high.

    2) Or your average expected winnings that you expect to achieve from the extensive knowledge base this website has increasingly to offer unlike no other baccarat website in the world.

    Either way let’s do the simple math…
    If you are losing mostly at the casinos then I’m guessing that what amount your losing is a far cry from the $1,000 USD annual Private Membership fee for access.

    (which now is even discounted to $750 USD and also only $250 USD for any Private Members who also buy “The Final Word” manual based on all of Ellis current strategies and baccarat secrets)

    But let’s hypothetically assume that if you plan to win at the casinos like I already am and have been doing for over two years now. Then let’s set a target of $100K tax free cash in winnings per year.

    Well $1,000 doesn’t seem like much now does it especially when I’m learning consistently how win with even more skill.

    And all this for less than 1% of my planned target based on Ellis’ proven winning tiering system.

    That’s only a third of what I already pay for car insurance per year even with a 43% safe drivers discount and even though I’m such a good driver I never end up using my car insurance investment, so really it’s just an added security for peace of mind in case something goes wrong.

    But by investing with Ellis $1,000 for full time support seems more of an assurance policy designed to make sure nothing goes wrong but more so in fact, that everything goes right when you enter into any casino to play baccarat.

    a positive declaration intended to give confidence; a promise.
    “he gave an assurance that work would not recommence until Wednesday”
    synonyms: word of honor, word, promise, pledge, vow, avowal, oath, bond, undertaking,guarantee, commitment
    “you have my assurance”
    confidence or certainty in one’s own abilities.
    “she drove with assurance”
    synonyms: self-confidence, confidence, self-assurance, self-possession, nerve, poise, aplomb,levelheadedness; More :yahoo:

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