CFC New Years Resolution Promo starts off with a full one year Private Membership for only $250USD

Well it looks like that time of year that we all like to reflect on our past and either live on our laurels or learn from our mistakes. (If someone is resting on their laurels, they appear to be satisfied with the things they have achieved and have stopped putting effort into what they are doing.)

So here’s some food for thought about our latest and greatest promo yet. We have agreed to open the doors to our Private Membership pool for $250USD (This allows one full year as a Private Member only) to all interested players that are sitting on the fence.

Therefore separating the actual commitment to a more detailed understanding of the game with a further purchase of anyone of our already proven successful choices of weaponry ie: NOR, MvD or ANB just to mention a few.

Once that moment becomes clearer for you as a Private Member then later as a players choice of preference you get well versed on the many styles we use to keep ahead of the casinos.

That way you the player can make a better well informed choice of how you should begin with your baccarat apprenticeship.

Then you can choose to make an additional purchase of anyone of our already proven successful systematical approaches to winning at the baccarat tables for a reduced rate of $500USD in addition as well to our New Years Resolution promo offer listed below.

Or in addition if you choose to get both MvD and ANB you can do so for a combined price of $750USD (not including the initial one year Private membership access fee of only $250USD being offered).

Again, how much will we allow you for this opportunity to really get started with us?

How does only¬†$250USD work for you? Then once you’ve learned how to swim with our baccarat school of fish, you then can invest either $500USD or $750USD more in learning how to swim with the dolphins in the shark tank we like to call the Casinos.

Make us your first New Years resolution and don’t be surprised if all your other resolutions naturally work themselves out once you are consistently in the winners circle at the baccarat tables.

Winning money doesn’t necessarily buy or guarantee you happiness but it does help soften the blows of life.

This promotion is only offered till the end of this month and ends January 31st, 2018.

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