Latest update re: S”0″S success

Just wanted to check in with everyone and see how the winnings are coming along, hopefully S“0”S has improved your betting odds as immensely as it has mine.

I personally have literally been winning every day with both S“0”S and along with Norm’s Loop style of play, makes for great baccarat day of  play.

But I’ve been accused lately of being bias to my own success so let’s try and get you all winning as well so that we can have more positive stories to share as well.

This site is more geared to the players success not the teachers.

I personally don’t profess nor do I wish to be viewed upon as a teacher but more so  a fellow friend in the Baccarat sense who happens to win a lot to say the least.

Look forward to reading some of your success stories in the near future, don’t be shy guys.

Good fortunes to you all,



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