Thoughts become Things:

What you are broadcasting or radiating has a direct relationship with what your inner being is doing at the same time about the same thing.

So when it matters to you that you win at the casinos, you can’t control that because the casino has different ideas about what they want.

So really we program ourselves to believe that we miss the need of throwing good money after bad money in the hopes of getting lucky right? How would that feel?

Well the truth is if we could give you the money before you even get to the casino would that change things?

No because it’s not about the money that satisfies us it’s more about the probability to create the money through the casino winnings.

That would be projecting something along the lines of being patient but it isn’t about patience because you all want what you want when you want it.

That’s the rub,  The reason why you want it is for something that you can already accomplish. Here’s an example of something that you can accomplish today,  feel for just a moment the idea of having quickly or now having one or two or three hundred thousand dollars at your fingertips to spend in any way you want and feel how nice that would be and then feel the difference between the universe (or the Gambling Gods or Lady Luck if that works for you) yielding to you instantaneously a way for that to happen in terms of probability and the ability to imagine prosperity.

Do you think it would be easier for you to imagine prosperity or to by the end of the day have $300,000 in your hand?

That’s an interesting exercise because a lot you would just say give me the damn money and stop messing with me right?

What we are getting at is that given the belief systems that most of you have is that the idea of getting the money and getting it today is far less likely to you than the imagining of it.

And yet you say the imagining of it would be far less satisfying than the having of it, well we’ll give you that here at Casino Forum Club from where you are standing but we want the imagining of it which you can do today to be enough so that you do do it today.

And since you can do it today, if the imagining of it would be enough for you so that you let it soothe you then it is our promise to you that it will turn into the thing, those thoughts will turn into the thing but if you need the money before you allow yourself to have the thought then you’ve got yourself at a stalemate, you got that?

You gotta to do the vibrational work first and then it will turn to the thing that you want.

So that’s why we’re saying that we don’t just want to give you the thing because we know how much fun you’re gonna have in the journey as the thoughts are turning into the things.

And you all are looking so looking forward to the relief of having the thing and we want you to find the relief before the thing comes what ever the thing is.

Good winnings to you,


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