What’s the difference between Mathematics and Statistics?

It’s very relaxing to play this way since the shoes dealt today are full of switch backs and playing S“0”S correctly allows you to easily follow the shoe.

It’s funny how most people don’t see that. Spoke to a young wealthy player yesterday who admitted that he has lost over 3 million dollars based on what the mathematicians are telling him.

So I tried to explain to him why mathematicians are the worlds worst gamblers by posing the true differences:

So what really is the difference between Mathematics and Statistics?

Statistics has a sort of funny and peculiar relationship with mathematics. In a lot of university departments, they’re lumped together and you have a Department of Mathematics and Statistics”. Other times, it’s grouped as a branch in applied math. Pure mathematicians tend to either think of it as an application of probability theory, or dislike it because it’s not rigorous enough”.

After having studied both, I feel it’s misleading to say that statistics is a branch of math. Rather, statistics is a separate discipline that uses math, but differs in fundamental ways from other branches of math, like combinatorics or differential equations or group theory. Statistics is the study of uncertainty, and this uncertainty permeates the subject so much that mathematics and statistics are fundamentally different modes of thinking.


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