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    The title of this post is taken from Shufflemaster’s description of their continuous shuffler. Their machine ensure random cards? Maybe at first with new cards depending on their card prep. But after many hours with a full table or near full, the cards are far from random. People think the cards are still random because clumping is not pure round after round. Just track each round to see the cards are mostly high cards or mostly low cards, most of the time. That is what non random looks like. Also track how many dealer Ten up cards you see, how often. Track her hands of 20, 21 and blackjack. You’ll see! Track how seldom the dealer is breaking. You will see!! Don’t believe me, just believe your own eyes.



    yes and what you wanna do about it? I know that. the game of blackjack can not be random cause it is how the game is dealt why it can not be random. I would like to know if Ellis has any knowledge about how many cards are still in the buffer, cause i do not believe that the card in can come out in the next hand immediately.

    NBJ flat betting with 8 decks at PokerStars and 4 shoes dealt can that be done? Is there anyone having some stats for that?



    Ellis Davis

    Guys, does anyone have my official rules for RD1?

    I’d like to take a fresh look at it. My thinking is that biases are becoming less reliable and RD1 did not depend on biases. Several of our top players are doing very well with it.


      <li style=”text-align: center;”>My casino recently switched back to 8 deck  2 colored shoes using MD3 shuffler.  No more  continuous One2Six  shuffler    Flat betting in blackjack  would make sense if you are winning 60%, 70% or more of your hands    At table max    That is, if in that shoe, table you are winning most of your hands

    Ellis Davis

    Perfect Basic Strategy only has a 43% hands won rate overall. I don’t see any big future flat betting in BJ. The 126 shufflers seem to be disappearing everywhere. I think the best thing to do with them is boycott them. They’ll soon disappear altogether. Vegas downtown has the best BJ games on the planet these days. Hand shuffled 1 and 2 deck right out of the ’90s. 3/2 on BJs. A straight up game and plenty of tables.

    Right bark, BJ is not random. Clumping is caused by the dealer picking up the break cards first. If BJ were random, the casinos would be broke by now.

    Unless they’ve recently changed something, yes, you can get your discard dealt right back to you with a 126. 

    If not, think about what happens when an all low round gets dealt to 7 players. Next round would be from 10 rich shoe! Your count would be about +20!



    Hi Ellis, I know that S40 and RD1 are totally different animals, but if you had to play just one which would be your choice? Maybe I should have posted this somewhere else but I know you mentioned RD1 in a post above.

    Thanks and I hope you are well, I watched you play live about 15 years ago!




    Ellis Davis

    Hi Believer,

    I had to give that some thought. My first inclination was to say RD1 because it is a universal system (designed to beat all shoes) while S40 is a specialized system for choppy shoes.  

    Howerver I did play S40 only for several years and did very well.

    RD1 has a losing pattern that does come up now and then.

    But if you search out choppy shoes first, S40 nearly always wins.

    The trick to playing S40 is to only play it where you have a large selection of tables – Foxwood/Mohegan, Vegas, AC, Tunica, Gulf Coast, and then take the time to find the choppiest tables. That gives you a huge shoe win rate.

    So my vote goes to S40.



    Can you post it on the forum?



    Thanks Ellis. I hope you are recovering well from surgery.

    If you are in the Memphis area anytime soon let me know please! I thoroughly enjoyed watching you and Mr Mullin play and win.


    Ellis Davis

    Thanks CT70 but if you are going to email anyone, make sure they are a private member first. Better yet, I’ll start an RD1 private thread and you can post them there. That’s what I was going to do anyway.

    Believer, yes, I remember that night in Tunica Horseshoe and the steak dinner afterward.



    Ellis, I am a bit confused about which forum is yours or Keith. I know you do not do business with keith anymore but I supposr this forum and site is yours! And Keith works from his own site now? Another qurstion!

    Now I have seen a post here about S3 Is that the system you should use against csm,s baccara? Andif not how do which does?

    I like to skype with you. TALK a bit so you can clear up to me which site I should get my payed membership. That one for 50 a month to be part of forums. I wanna pay the entire 750 once I have get the money together.  :yahoo:

    Thanks and you can add me at skype… thebarkingstork?

    Wish speaking to you soon?


    Ellis Davis

    Corret Barking$tork: I created and wrote the BTC forum while Keith provided the forum platform and collected and distributed the forum income. But we came to an impasse 2 years ago and I was banned from my own forum. So I started a new forum, CFC, 2 years ago with a partner who provides and maintains the on line platform, collects and distributes the forum income.

    I’ve known Keith Smith since he attended my first NBJ Blackjack seminar in Troy N.Y. in the ‘1980s  He was barely old enough to enter a casino. I wrote and sold 44 copies of NBJ at that first seminar at $444 per copy. NBJ was to go on and sell a greater sales volume than all other gambling publications combined at some 8 million in sales. NBJ was published by Jerry Patterson.

    Keith attended my second BJ seminar at the Canfield Casino Museum in Saratoga Springs, NY. and this time he brought friends. Later he asked me to conduct his first on line forum, Winning Ways, which was a BJ forum but also introduced Baccarat. Later we started a Baccarat forum BTC (Beat The Casino).

    Perhaps, since he no longer has a Systems Designer, Keith and BTC has abandoned systems altogether. So you pay $50 a month ($600 per year)  to have Kevin and John (both students of mine) to supposedly teach you how to play Baccarat W/O any systems.

    I say “supposedly” because that is how 99 point something % of the general public plays Baccarat – guessing which side will win the next hand based on the history of the shoe thus far.

    Recognize that the casinos KNOW that is how the players play and their strategies are designed to beat guessers. The casinos are masters at beating guessers limiting them to a 43% average hit rate in a 50/50 game! So can Kevin or John teach you how to guess better than a 43% hands won rate? I don’t know since they are both systems players.

    So Keith is teaching you how to play exactly the way the casinos want you to play. Good luck with that! And $600 per year?

    Look, the casinos fear only ONE type of player – the less than 1% systems players.

    Perhaps Keith is going down this road because he has no single system that beats Baccarat.

    But at CFC we DO – ANB !

    But do I recommend that you learn and play only ONE system?

    NO! Would you go hunting bear with only one arrow in your quiver?

    I strongly recommend that you not only master 6 systems but that you also learn how to read a tote board so you know which table is the best to play and which system is best for that table. THAT is how you win at Baccarat! – Once you also learn how to bet according to the shoe at hand. Many shoes are EXPLOITABLE!

    I have found myself the only winner at a table literally thousands of times.

    How, by finding the RIGHT table and applying the RIGHT system and applying the most appropriate betting strategy for the quality of the shoe at hand.

    THAT is what I teach!

    Or you could try guessing. That is what everyone else does. And they lose a 50/50 game at an incredible average rate. That is what Keith is now teaching at $600 per year!

    Your choice. Choose wisely!








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