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    Well , i did find the book he talks about in his you tube video’s . And the book is the same as his vid’s . If you read it slow enough . …He also states this is step one of the system to play And i cannot find anything to indicate that there is a build up of a more elaborate system except a partial iron cross with more come bets for some profits …. With odds at certain times and when to remove the bets …..

    Doing a web search shows that he has disappeared from all web forums even his own …. which is still under construction … ( For A Few Years Now  ).. Associated with this system .

    So the question is … Do we just play what is shown in the Vids . Or is there a few steps more to play that will crush the table when it occurs ……  Something to think about ….

    Any craps buffs out there give this a try yet ….. Would love to here your input …    Max…………..


    Playing opposites Pass vs Don’t Pass,  Much better! 

    One thing,  you can get runs in Craps.

    Having a way to deal with runs.  Playing opposites have a way to beat runs while keeping your bets relatively low.

    Craps players usually bet against progressions against runs and lose. You would need a lot of dollars to bet those Martingales to work. Such play is totally wrong:Runs Happen both in Bac and Craps.

    I played Opposites under the optional rule – Once ON a run, stay on the run until you lose. We do that when we have seen long runs at that casino.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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