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    Ellis Davis

    Since On Line play is illegal in the state of Arkansas I must play with an out of state partner. I give Stu the plays and the bets over the phone.

    I put up a notice I was looking for an on line partner some weeks ago noting that I have had a very good Baccarat playing record for more than 30 years.

    Stu took me up on the offer.

    We bought in at $142 four weeks ago. We are now at $2604.

    For obvious reasons I won’t say the name of the on line casino we are playing here in public.

    We started at $5 units until we got to $500 up. Then we went to $10. We have never gone higher than $10 units because we don’t want to take the chance of getting banned. We are flat betting @ $10 about 90% of the time. Our highest bet ever is 3 units.

    We will likely request our first withdrawal today at $2000. It takes time to withdraw so if we withdraw $2000 today, it is very likely we will always maintain at least a $1000 playing bankroll.

    We are playing the same systems that S’0’S S Bac, offered at casinoforum.club, navigate you to.

    I find the 6 deck shoes at the on line casino very difficult compared to real casino shoes. The best shoes are the shoes already in progress when we sign in. The worst shoes are the shoes that start after we sign in. These later shoes have virtually no rhyme or reason to them. So we are taking advantage of that strategy as much as possible – sign in, play the best shoe already in progress, then sign out for at least an hour.

    Our max stop loss is -8 and our avg loss is about 2.5.

    Once we get to +9, we capture +8 and once we get to +11, we capture +10. Our best shoes are usually +12 or 13 except for one great shoe we got to +22, down from +25. We get a few strong side shoes but mostly either opposites or repeats. OTB4L and TB4L seldom hold up. But we are getting more than our fair share of long ST and ZZ runs – more than in regular casinos. Runs created most of our winnings.

    Another advantage is that this is a GREAT and FAST teaching tool. Stu, who was a beginner 4 weeks ago is already beginning to play close to professional level. He’s beginning to know what to look for and how to play it – how to keep P/B and O/R counts.

    I’ll keep you posted.


    Ellis Davis

    We are now playing our 5th week on line. Our balance is $3087. We started with $142 so we are up 2945. Remember we started with nickels. So we are up about 350 units in spite of the fact that we are getting the toughest shoes I’ve ever seen. We’ve requested our first withdrawal of $1500. It takes a month to get our money which we split evenly. By then, we should be up $5000 if all keeps going according to plan. So we will have a playing stake of $3500  left in our account – far more than enough.

    Ellis Davis

    Starting by investing $142 my partner and I are at $6000 profit in 6 weeks on line.

    We are playing only $10 units and average betting only 16 units per shoe. We have played 170 shoes. We are averaging 3.5 units per shoe or a profit of 3.5 units for every 16 units bet. That is a P.A or Player Advantage or ROI (Return On investment) of 22%. (PA or ROI is units won divided by units bet) and is the best measurement of performance there is.

    My partner who knew NOTHING about Baccarat when we started, could win on his own after only 4 weeks of playing with me. In fact he had never gambled and didn’t even know what “cutting” the cards meant – a complete novice to gambling.

    On avg, less than 1% of players win On line or in real casinos.

    To put our 22% PA in perspective: BJ card counters put in all those years of study and practice in an attempt to achieve a one half of 1% PA. In other words we are winning at a rate of 42 times what a top card counter can hope to win – but seldom does.

    So what are we playing? The very same systems S0S S Bac navigate you to.

    Guys, on line I’m averaging only 3.5 units per shoe because on line shoes are so difficult. In real casinos my 30 year average is 12 units per shoe. I can make a whole lot more money playing than teaching. Therefore I’m only interested in teaching the most serious students who put in the time and the effort to learn how to win and are willing to pay me for teaching my skills that took me 30 years to learn. And I started as a Math Professor with a 160 IQ. Everyone thinks they can teach themselves. Your odds of doing that are ZERO. Thousands of players who have 20+ years of experience still lose no matter how hard they try. If a player could teach himself – think about it – there would be no Baccarat. Casinos deal Baccarat because it makes them money. They make that money from players trying their best to teach themselves. The avg player loses an avg of 57% of the hands he plays.  I win an avg of 57% of the hands I play. So can you, once you learn how. IF you are a serious student and willing to study and practice.

    Private members on this forum pay only a tiny fraction of what they can learn to win. Sure, there are other forums. BUT they have NO winning students. Here at CFC, we DO.


    Ellis Is there an update for your on line play


    Is this forum still alive? Is Ellis Alive?


    Hi Rich
    Just an update that Ellis is playing full time now and doing quite well.
    This forum is a Member driven forum, so feel free to participate.

    Your comments are always welcome.

    All the best,

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