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    Ellis Davis

    It is perfectly fine to only know ONE way of playing. Especially if that one way you have learned is MvD. Why? Because MvD has the highest hit rate of all mechanical ways of playing Baccarat – pure and simple. So can you turn pro? Well sure. But you would not be among the TOP pros – that elite group at the very top – the million dollar winners.

    I like to compare baccarat to golf because the two games are about equal in complexity. I was a scratch golfer. I had the ability to shoot par on average. Less than 1% of golfers are scratch golfers – a LOT less.  Less than 1% of Baccarat players win. Even fewer win a million dollars.

    How did I become a scratch golfer?  By studying the very top pros – mimicking their swing and their shot making.

    Yes, you can turn pro with only MvD. That’s like playing golf with only a 5 iron. I knew guys you could shoot par with only a 5 iron. I think it was JACK who started that fad. But that is exhibition play. Do they only use a 5 iron in competition play? Hell no! They use all 14 clubs. And they have studied the shots each club can make. They know how to select the best club for the shot at hand.

    Just as, the top pro Baccarat players are equipped with multiple systems and they know how to select the best system for the shoe at hand. See the similarities?

    Anyone with the dream of becoming a pro bac player, like I had, would do well to study the top bac pros. How do THEY do it?

    1.) They are equipped with multiple systems they have studied and practiced. Would you go bow hunting with only one arrow in your quiver?

    2.) They tend to only play casinos with multiple Bac tables.  When you play a casino with only one table, you are giving up your biggest advantage – Table Selection.

    3.) Their first action upon entering a casino is to study the tote boards. Unlike the amateur who’s first action is to find an empty seat. What they are looking for is the strongest bias in the casino. That is the table they will play. They don’t much care what the bias is because they are equipped with a system for EVERY bias there is. They are pros at tote board reading.

    4.) They know how and when to Exploit. Those are the tables they look for FIRST. Such tables are very common IF you know what to look for. While the amateur might make 10 or 15 units in a great shoe, the pro will make 30 or 50 in that same shoe, maybe 100.

    5.) The pro virtually eliminates risk by deploying extreme cash mgt. You will NEVER see him lose more than 6 units in a shoe. And that is VERY rare. The pro deploys Capturing to avoid back sliding. And he deploys stop wins.

    6.) The pro is completely oblivious to the other players. He knows they lose.

    7.) The pro strictly bets Bank or Player. He ignores ties, pandas and dragons. Why? He’s going with the Math. The table odds of Bank or Player are 50/50. Those are, by far, the best bets on the table.

    But Ellis, everybody bets ties and pandas and dragons! That’s the fun of it!

    Correct! And they all lose long run at seemingly impossible rates. The pro is not there for fun. Making money is his JOB !

    So why am I telling you all this? Because everything you need to know to turn pro is already on the private forum:

    Table Selection

    Tote Board Reading

    System Selection

    Every system you will ever need.

    Cash Management

    How to Exploit

    The Art of Betting

    All that is left for you to do is study and practice.





    Thank for posting this thread. You make some valuable observations. Much appreciated.

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