Monthly Archives: December 2018
Play session yesterday at the Hollywood Park Casino in L.A.

Had a great play session yesterday at the Hollywood Park Casino here in Los Angeles with our newest S“0”S & SBac member Ge:

We played a total of 4 shoes and ended up averaging 7+ units overall in winnings as a demonstration. We played $100 units and $50 units on the last two shoes and cashed in.

The good news was that S“0”S along with SBac were totally in control of whatever the tables were producing in card mixes.

I really enjoyed the experience with a totally new member who was already a well skilled Baccarat player but still looking for a more consistent winning approach to the game.

I like to travel to as many casinos throughout the world to play S“0”S and SBac and play to win at all of them.

Sign up soon and see for yourselves,



Seasons Greetings  Christmas offer:

Hope all is well and for us all here at Casino Forum Club things couldn”t be better with our Baccarat…