CFC Tiering system

Exactly what casinos fear!

Gentlemen, I’m about to show you a very simple, very doable ten step Tiering Chart that safely gets you to a Million Dollars far quicker and easier than you would have ever thought possible. And then Two Million even easier. Some have already accomplished this.

Why do I say it is easily doable? Because it is all based on Flat Betting at 1 unit and averaging only 3 units per shoe. That means winning 3 more bets than you lose every shoe. We call that a +3 hit rate. I’m at +6.5. Dean is at +4.  Any trained student can average +3. Most do better.

Both SBac and S“0”S, explained on the Private Support Groups, are designed to achieve far MORE than 3 units per shoe

Every step is based on 10 unit buy ins. That is more than enough for Flat Betting @ 1 unit. In fact you could get away with 3 unit buy ins since we NEVER make a bet that could take us below -3.

Now, how to make your first million in 10 easy steps:

1. Play 9 shoes @ $10 units = $270

2. Play 7 shoes @ $25 units = $525

3. Play 7 shoes @ $50 units =$1,050

4. Play 7 shoes @ $100 units =$2,100

5. Play 9 shoes @ $200 units =$5,400

6. Play 7 shoes @ $500 units =$10,500

7. Play 7 shoes @ $1,000 units =$21,000

8. Play 9 shoes @ $2,000 units =$54,000

9. Play 7 shoes @ $5,000 units =$105,000

10. Play 27 shoes @ $10,000 units =$810,000

Total: = $ 1,009,845.00+

11) Play 33 shoes @ $10,000 units = $990,000.00 total

Guys read the article on the Twitter feed: Why casinos love and fear Baccarat. You will see why casinos are so fearful of exactly what I’m showing you with this Tiering Chart!


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  1. Hello Rich
    If you exclude my thoughts and input then yes you are the only person making any comments.

    As for why, well that is a question only the Membership could answer.

    This forum is a platform for all to share but no one seems interested so it’s now a silent info site.

    As for Ellis and myself we both chose to become full time players.

    My Bank roll is growing nicely. Been winning pretty much every playing session.

    Hope to get the members contributing more thanks for your input BTW maybe it will spark something?


  2. If you trust those leaders that are achievers in the the areas that you want to achieve in, then does it really matter how you get there?

    In the end you get what you want. And if you trust in yourself that you will not quit then those are the only two things you need to achieve in order to be successful right?

    Success is inevitable…

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