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Re: Money Management Strategies – Baccarat Edition
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I play Baccarat for more than 20 years now. I start with BJ card counting and then shift to Baccarat. Here is my Bankroll strategy:-

1. MY Bankroll is to at least last me for 20 days. Example: $200,000 divide by 20 = $10,000 per day. 1 day maximum lose is $10,000

2. I split the $10,000 to 3 session per day with Bankroll: $3000, $3000 and $4000. If I lose 1st session of $3000 i will rest for 1-2 hours then start with the 2nd session of $3000. If I lose the 2nd session I will rest for 2-3 hours before going for the 3rd session of $4000. If I lose the 3rd session i will stop for the day. Maximum lose per day is $10,000

3. Do not continue playing the same table when you lose 30% bankroll to the table. Always change table when you lose 30% of your Bankroll.

4. Winning always no limit. I normally stop the winning when the shoe finish or when I satisfy with my winnings. Then i stop for 1-2 hours then I go for another session. For me when i win i go for 3 sessions too. Always use your winning to bet Big in order to win Big. Do not scare to win. Winning no limits losing limit to $10,000 per day.

My biggest win for a single day is more than $100,000 for $10,000 Bankroll. Longest losing is consecutive 12days. Longest winning is consecutive 8 days and total winning is more than $200k (equal to more than 20 days Bankroll).

Goodluck guys!

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