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    The title of this post is taken from Shufflemaster’s description of their continuous shuffler. Their machine ensure random cards? Maybe at first with new cards depending on their card prep. But after many hours with a full table or near full, the cards are far from random. People think the cards are still random because clumping is not pure round after round. Just track each round to see the cards are mostly high cards or mostly low cards, most of the time. That is what non random looks like. Also track how many dealer Ten up cards you see, how often. Track her hands of 20, 21 and blackjack. You’ll see! Track how seldom the dealer is breaking. You will see!! Don’t believe me, just believe your own eyes.

      <li style=”text-align: center;”>My casino recently switched back to 8 deck  2 colored shoes using MD3 shuffler.  No more  continuous One2Six  shuffler    Flat betting in blackjack  would make sense if you are winning 60%, 70% or more of your hands    At table max    That is, if in that shoe, table you are winning most of your hands

    Can you post it on the forum?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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