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    Well I could just simply say another successful evening of winning Baccarat but that won’t change anyone’s life now would it?

    But I can say that this game is highly beatable contrary to the masses beliefs that it isn’t possible.

    So if you can give a simple game like Baccarat a try just to get your feet moving in the right direction then who knows where they will take you?

    As for me well let’s just say that winning a little everyday sure is a great confidence booster to say the least.

    I won’t plug our methods here, but I will share my thoughts and passion for being a consistent winner.

    There are simple rules of life and games, combined with a little skill can make it very rewarding.

    Check us out if you’re curious…


    Well armed with my S“0”S  I was looking for opposites today since repeats represent about 25% of all shoes but ended up walking right into an easy repeat shoe and made 3 bets in row by playing a repeat progression and won all three so I called it a day and cashed in for a perfect 100% PA (Player Advantage) score.

    It only took less than 15 minutes quick hit and run. Now enjoying hockey playoffs.
    CFC B-)


    It seems that the casinos I’ve tested S“0”S, all seem to lose quite easily to S“0”so I will have to just keep going with S“0”S as a steady and steadfast winning approach.

    Also S“0”S is great as a companion game. (Method of playing two winning systems against each other just as extra ammo). Those systems are any of the six approaches that any Baccarat Shoe can be beat by. Our Pros know all of them.

    Today made 6 bets and won 4 for a 67% player advantage. (Anything higher than 15% beats the casino house odd hands down). So 67% is considered a beat down!



    Been doing some research just to see how the competition fares:
    The general consensus is that you only need 3 units per shoe to be successful at winning consistently with Baccarat.

    Well that is the minimum you can win with S“0”S…

    I quote from one of these sites as duly noted:

    A Pro only risks THREE units per shoe.

    He FLAT bets.

    His unit size is no more than 1/10th of his minimum bankroll!

    Making 3 units in winnings, in 20-30 hands is the norm for him and he is in and out of the casino in less than 30 minutes of play on average.

    Translation…”you are kicking our asses with your system and style of play…our only hope of getting our money back is for you to subject yourself to the house edge for a longer period of time and play tired, so you will make mistakes.”

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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