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    Greetings fellow CFC’rs…

    Just joined public forum, anticipating joining private very soon. In the meantime am very interested to meet up with well-seasoned players, i.e. the CFC way, with a shoulder to look over & some time to chat. I’m currently based in Los Angeles, so preferably any LA casino (have played Crystal, Commerce, Hawaiian). But will also do any LV casino (have played only Imperial/Stadium at Palazzo/Venetian), if that’s in the cards, so to speak. In either case, just name the time and place. The sooner the better…. this week?

    My bkgrd:

    • 30yrs music business (musician/composer/music supervisor)
    • past 17yrs (on & off) stock/futures trading
    • casino aspirations, roulette 4yrs ago
    • baccarat, this year since Mar

    All things symmetrical, right now I’m dedicated to the art of baccarat and am extremely enthused from all I’ve read in the posts, though honestly more from all Ellis brings to the table.

    BTW, I do international travel – mainly SE Asia – and have done some on-line research into casino options in the region, so also interested to hear from anyone from there or who has been there.

    Looking forward to responses – public or PM (preferred).

    Thanks… excited to enter the pit and take the next logical “progression!”

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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