True business value comparison S”0”S & SBac

To measure any business value it’s either measured by 4 years it’s net value or 2 years it’s gross value.

Now let’s take a good hard look at running a Baccarat game as a part time or full time residual income.

That’s right you heard me right a business.

I personally run my game as a full time business and average a very nice tax free annual residual income at the Baccarat tables.

This in turn grants me the freedom to travel and live the lifestyle that a regular job would never allow.

With that said let’s compare other entrepreneurial online and offline opportunities out there.

For example the average course based products & service based business’ are usually starting out at $2,500 and some go as high as into the 10’s of thousands, and they still require you to do your own marketing and administrative work to generate any income and all that is taxable as well.

Doesn’t seem fair does it? And usually your profit is highly dependent on the market value and the state of the market.

But to run your Baccarat game as a business even playing low stakes can add up quickly earning you a great part time tax free residual income.

Let’s look at that more in depth, say you bet an average unit at $15 per bet and your making 3-5 units profit per day say over 3-4 days per week.

That’s $45-$75 per day say for an average of $60/day x 12 days per month for a nice profit of $720 per month.

Doesn’t seem like a hard thing to do and yet you are making approximately $8,640 per year.

That’s extra money you never would have had. So if we go back to the beginning of analyzing the true value of winning consistently at Baccarat then you are looking at no less than two years the gross value of $17,280 or since there is literally very little over head to run this game as a business you can even look at the net value over four years. This could be huge!

Upwards of $34,560 and that’s just playing low stakes of $15 bets.
Now you can see the potential earnings available through this game.

So the deal here is that we are providing online training and coaching for only a $1,250 one time investment fee still well under all these other online and offline business opportunities. (That’s an average of $100/month for the first year only).

After the 1st year you can become a private member for only $750/yr. to always be up to date on the current state of the game.

We even include all the tools you will ever need to achieve these winnings consistently.

Sounds like a no brainer doesn’t it?
We depend on all our Private Members succeeding with us.
It’s in our mission statement.

Hopefully this puts things in better perspective and you now can see the true value of what S”0”S & SBac bring to the table.

Look forward to working with you,

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