Seasons Greetings  Christmas offer:

Hope all is well and for us all here at Casino Forum Club things couldn”t be better with our Baccarat play sessions at the casinos all over the Baccarat world.

We see that some of our students learn better in stages ie: S“0”S and then SBac, so with that said we thought of offering the two system bundle pack in two stages as well for our new students only.

That means you purchase the S“0”S navigator system 1st for $375 USD and that will get you started and then if you learn quickly or within our 3 month offer period you can purchase our exploit system SBac for only an additional discounted rate of $375 USD.

Most of our new students really like this learning approach since both systems are learning intensive together but separately quite easy to grasp and master.

If this appeals to our already S“0”S private members who are interested in getting fully armed with SBac as well, then we can reduce our $750 SBac regular price by 50% to just $375 USD for this promo offer period only which ends December 31st, 2018.  That way everybody wins!

To sign up just simply send us a request to purchase and we will send you instructions on how to pay and get you started.

Happy Holiday Season,


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