Well I decided to go play S”0″S and S Bac at the $300 limit tables in the High Limits Room

And after a few winning hands of me back betting only $100 a hand for my research purposes I was told by the dealer that  I couldn’t do that because the minimum bets were $300 and no back betting was allowed but the Asians at the table asked me to stay and call bets for them.

So I did and ended up winning them so much money that they were literally throwing huge chips as tips every now and then towards me, which added up to a lot of money eventually for me just simply calling out in chinese which side I favored to win…

Nice feeling and I basically got the ok from the casino pit boss to do so to my surprise because their best Asian high rollers asked very politely if I could join them as their honoured guest at the table. I’ve experienced this type of scenario in Las Vegas and South East Asian Casinos as well when I’ve played there as well.

So i conducted the whole affair as they cleaned up on two tables we played  as I witnessed these high rollers betting around $600 per hand. (We have even more elite high limit rooms in my town that allow even $15K bets or even higher).

The casino was surprised as well as I was but in my mind I thought if only they knew about this site and how inexpensive we charge for our secrets of winning consistently at baccarat compared to the thousands that these players risk and mostly lose on a daily basis in excess of $20K and up.

Even what these players tipped me last night in total was well over what CFC charges for our Private Members whom receive a one year subscription at CFC with the same knowledge and player skill I successfully performed and orchestrated  for them last night.

We could ask exponentially more for our proven winning methods but have kept our service fees at a minimum due solely to build our Private Membership pool, but these prices won’t remain low for long as we grow.

So like any thing in life that appreciates in value as time passes.

Our fees will increase as well so think that now is the best time to join CFC and reap the rewards of winning consistently at Baccarat today not next year or later.

Other wise time will pass you by because opportunity waits for no one my friends.

Hopefully see you on the other side. Check out our current bundle pack option and send us a request to purchase by private request and we’ll get you going ASAP.


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