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Note: This is a Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced player skill level forum that caters to all. Our special startup promotion being run currently includes a one year full membership to all Private Forums for only $1,000.00, and also includes a copy of “The Final Word” by E. Clifton Davis for a total value of $2,000.00 for only $1,000.00…

After the one year is up for renewal, our annual membership rates will renew. Special price considerations will be implemented for all original members of CasinoForum.Club… This applies to all workshops as well…

I’ve written 12 Baccarat Books and am currently writing my last but my best Baccarat manual titled “The Final Word” that will probably be my Grand Finale! It is a life changing work of art – well, with a little Math thrown in. THAT is what I do best!

E. Clifton Davis

The private Baccarat forum here is the support group for “The Final Word” (free shipping) for all manual purchasers:

In reference to my original intent to provide an early bird promo sales campaign for “The Final Word” combined with a supplementarity one year of support through the private membership for $1,000.00 (Book $750.00 + Online Support one year $250.00) as an added incentive to act now we also decided to open up the paid access to all the Private Forum ie: Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker, Roulette & Craps but this offer is only available up until the “The Final Word”  is completed and ready for shipping, which could be sooner than you think, so act now.


For full access to the Private Baccarat Membership only, it’s $750.00 (but if at any time the Private Member would like to purchase “The Final Word” manual as well, then we will allow $250.00 of the $750.00 Private Membership subscription fee to be applied towards the purchase of “The Final Word” manual at it’s current selling price):