SOS369 still winning ?

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  1. The best promo offer you can give yourself is to live in a spirit with strength not if fear. Once doing so you will see but not with your eyes and it is giving you all the tools to go forward. It is amazing to me what the real issue is people have not being able to have continues success. The 1st thing what comes to mind iss they focus upon making money ignoring their own true quality given by God. Following the path of greed or desperation is causing a disconnect and struggle along the way.

    I guess we need to focus upon our spiritual EV first before we betting our cash in games designed to keep you hoping. Truth is most so called professionals all end up broke. The goal of making money is having some! That means you only truly get it if your spirit is aligned towards the will of God, not making money a goal itselves.

    Focusing upon EV in a way the outcome currently doesn’t matter. Unfortunately most gamble with emotions and never go allin if EV asked for it! Passiveness does never get the prices according natural law!

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