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    Ellis Davis

    Now that we have LCNB well in hand, I’m starting a new topic on the Private Baccarat Forum: The Art Of Exploiting Casinos.

    There are several very common, easy to identify, shoe types that are Exploitable using our Exploit progression.

    For instance, my recent trip to Atlantis, Nassau, the first 4 days, every shoe on their single Bac table was what I call Repeat Exploit.

    Exploiting such shoes is so simple you can do it W/O a score card.

    I will show you ALL the Exploit shoe types on the private forum and exactly how to play them – W/O a score card.

    Knowing when and how to Exploit does wonders for your units per shoe win rate.

    These common shoes are like a gift from the casino.

    How high can you score? It is common to hit the 30s, even higher.

    For instance I played Keith’s sample half shoe from his new advertising film.

    I played the Exploit system the shoe was screaming for: S40 Exploit.

    It hit +27 in only half a shoe. Keith’s best effort achieved ONE unit.

    LCNB? It hit +12 in 14 bets!

    That’s two more exciting things you’ve got to look forward to on the private forum.

    See you there!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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