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    Play blackjack online! Mush better than live and I’m speaking from my experience. There are many sites that offers you the best. :yahoo:  :yahoo: I could live you some links, if you agree. Thanks! :bye:


    What has happen to Baccarat I thought the O/R system beats everything and now we out it does not so lets get some information on either O/R or ANB that is why I got on the board and I thought everyone else.


    I agree Wayner, Very dull forum!?!?!?!





    Several questions.  What do you do when the count is outside or plus or minus 7?

    Are you still playing basic strategy?  You stated you like to play heads up sitting at third base.  If the count is below -7 or above +7 you cant sit out since you are the only person playing.  Maybe its better to have 1 other person playing.  Also if you are in a 1 4 6 progression and you lose the 4 your next bet is 6 units…if the count is outside of the range…do you wait for the count to get into range to make the 6 unit bet?






    Thx Ellis.. several morr your 3 tier bets …146 for example..if u lose the 6 bet ..u have lost 11 units in last 3 hands. If the count is still in range..u start over at 1 right? Also what do u do if thw dealer is showing an ace and asks for insurance playing 3rd base? What if u have blackjack and the dealer is showing an ace? Alsi your plus minus count of 7 at a minimum is irregardless of the number of decks? Does deck penetration matter..meaning dies it matter where the dealer is puting the cut card?





    Greetings to you Stu:

    I’m trying, with interest, to understand what you mean by the negative progression described in your last post. Is this a continuous Martingale – up as you lose – progression or a loss recovery sequence? Maybe you can state it more clearly in a re-write.

    In any case, I’m reminded of the bet progressions I used for years playing BJ in Reno, which was based on the likelihood of consecutive hands won or lost, in single, double or multi-deck games, which have been calculated by computer-simulation of many millions of hands.

    For example in double deck, the odds of (player or dealer) winning or losing more than 4 hands in a row is consistently less than 20%. Thus, I would use a negative progression like 1-2-4-8, and then stop after 4 consecutive losses, and return to the minimum bet of 1 until a win occurs. After the winning bet trigger, would make a series of “recovery bets” aimed at recovering a large percentage of the previous loss balance – anywhere from 40 to 75% depending on comfort level. If I lost the first recovery bet, would start again with a minimum 1 bet, and again wait for a win to trigger another recovery bet to reduce the new loss balance.  While there is some risk of never winning 2 consecutive hands after a run of losses, over time this becomes very small.

    This is analogous to U1D2 betting, where the object is to more efficiently recover losses with fewer winning bets than the number of losses that put you in a hole.



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    I do agree! Me as well playing online only!



    Sorry. I’m still here. When you say “4th bet”, I assume you mean the 4 Unit bet in your 3-bet progression. If so, I follow you. What are are you going to do when there is no consistent win among the hands in your 3-bet progression.

    Again, I like the statistics of not losing more than 4 bets in a row, particularly in double-deck games, and especially with 3 or more players (dealer included), and using a 4-bet progression, followed by loss recovery betting, to cover it.

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