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    Thanks for Hawk’s and CT70’s request to better navigate the site. I’ve worked on his request and came up with a solution I think will please everyone. I’ve posted it in more detail here on the FAQ public forum. But it is already installed and running directly below the “Archives” and “Calendar:” windows in the Right Side Bar. You can customize your search as well by simply selecting category searches as well from the drop down menu.

    I will also make this available on the mobile version of CFC… :good:

    Enjoy, CFC

    :yahoo: B-)  :good:



    Hi CFC, thank you for making the forum searchable. I mainly use my phone to browse the forum and the location of the search box down in the corner makes it difficult for me to use. I haven’t been able to get the search to work on my phone yet. Even on my laptop it is inconvenient to scroll down the page just to use the search. Would it be possible to move the search box up the page some? Also, when using the mobile version of the site I still cannot find a way to search the forums. Thanks for being open to suggestions.


    The search is working great on my phone and the multiple search locations are perfect! Thanks!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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