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    Ellis Davis

    MUST reading for the general public:

    This thread has gotten off on a few tangents.

    Yes we have the Public Baccarat Forum.

    The purpose of that forum is to let you know that YES, the game CAN be beat.

    But, we are not going to teach you HOW to beat Bac on the public forum.

    So here’s the deal.

    First we have the upcoming manual The Final Word by E. Clifton Davis.

    It is the culmination of everything I know about Baccarat.

    It teaches you how to identify each and every casino strategy and exactly how to beat each strategy complete with game examples.

    Next we have the Private Baccarat Forum where you’ll meet my top students and get all your questions answered in detail. Here you will also see game examples clearly posted on score cards. It is also the place to post your own ideas and to join the conversation all aimed at beating Baccarat. Recognize that to graduate to the private forum you MUST have a manual.

    Pricing is based on what the average player loses every day he plays Baccarat.

    Right now the early bird special on the manual is $750.00 USD but it will soon go to $1,000.00 USD.

    The private forum is $250.00 USD a year for all private members.

    That is it. There are no other charges. All shipping and handling and misc charges have been dropped.

    That deal stands unchanged. I’m writing the manual and I will head the Private Baccarat Forum and I am the best Bac Instructor there is – just a fact of life that my students will vouch for. They’ve tried everybody else. But I’ve got my hands full with Baccarat alone and I’m totally devoted to my students.
    But very soon we will have similar deals on the other big 3: BJ, Craps and Roulette.

    As we speak here, we are negotiating with the world’s best Instructors on those 3.

    Stay tuned…

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