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    Hi All,

    Just want to say that I’ve never thought it possible to win consistently at the casino, until I learnt of things like NOR, MDB, SAP, RSAP, F2, F3, etc. There is actually a system here for every kind of shoe that the casino can throw at you. Streaks, Chops, Random… all have their nemesis!

    For the first time, I think is possible to actually win more than you lose at the casino!

    The trick, I think, is to know when to use which system, when to enter a shoe, and when to quit. These are the things I’m hoping to master one day.

    For now, I’m learning as much as I could of LCNB, RSAP, flat-betting, etc., that were already posted in the Private Forum, and explained in details by Ellis. The discussions by forum members help a lot too.

    The other systems are still sitting in Ellis’ head, so I’m really looking forward to the rest of The Final Word’s content.

    When completed, it would be the baccarat player’s holy book!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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