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    nickster sent you a new message:

    Subject: Re: Default Avatar for Private Forum Members

    Thank you for Las Vegas Avatar , i like it . Las Vegas  is high on my agenda  for many years now.
    My compliments on the forum , i am confident that CFC is going to be
    The Best Place ever created , anywhere , for the people like me who want to master the game of Baccarat.
    My support and best wishes  Nickster ” :yahoo:  :good:


    Here is what our professional tester had to say after reviewing LCNB:


    I just had to write a side note to say just how impressive your LCNB
    method is.  The combination of simplicity and the way you seem to hit on
    all of the areas of the baccarat shoe.  Probability, adjusting to the
    shoe, variable stops, etc…It really is a thing of beauty and fun to
    program and watch the results. 

    I’m looking forward to working more on this and getting to a table.

    John R.”


    LCNB = HOLLY GRAIL if you do this…
    Ellis, I have not talked to you for a while, please take care of your health (selfish me) we need you around for a long time yet!

    As you know I have play baccarat since 1972, And I made a promise to myself that I will play baccarat until such a time that I lose more money than I won in a given year! I am still playing, enough said!

    My philosophy was and still is: bet money only when you have a very good reason to do so.

    Ellis thank you very much on behalf of all the members of CFC, for LCNB, in my opinion LCNB is best baccarat system ever developed by anyone, anytime, anywhere!!! In posts to come I will explain…

    That is the reason for the title of this post, and i hope all the CFC
    members join me on this thread with their baccarat history, motivation and opinions.

    Ellis you have given all of us this best possible present called (LCNB) for the year 2016, thank you again, Nickster


    Hi all .
    I wrote the word HOLLY on purpose, Holy Grail is a dream of every baccarat player, to me Holy Grail means: “Something that you want very much but that is hard to get or achieve” (as you can see there is no word impossible in that sentence) I always knew that was

    Hard work, practice at home and the casinos, discipline,
    self control, study and seeking knowledge (baccarat knowledge) wherever you can find, so it is understood without saying!

    That is my definition of Holy Grail. The word HOLLY has an extra letter “L” in it, that to me represent Loses or Loser.

    This might seem like a contradiction, but my intention is to bring to everyone a clear warning: What LCNB is to me is a no# 1 single SYSTEM that i know of (if anyone of you know of anything better than LCNB
    please let me know I will be forever grateful …)

    LCNB is built on the solid foundation of the SAP count combined with
    BULLETPROOF combination of matching the length of the betting progression to the length of the LC-SAP count!!!

    This to me is the biggest discovery ever in the game of baccarat and it also shows the genius of Ellis at his best! (I do not work for Ellis, Iam a very independent person and I give credit where credit is due, in the future posts I will explain how I discovered Ellis, then you will understand.)

    If we do not fully understand the importance of LCNB in the game of baccarat, we should give up and do something else!

    Think about LCNB as a Casino GPS, fully understood and implemented, we will never be lost in the casino, if this is not great news for all of us, I don’t know what is!

    After playing baccarat in the casinos for over 40 years in the Casinos all over the world, one thing that stood out for me in the game of baccarat is how LOST the players are, 99% + OF ALL THE PLAYERS. This alone makes LCNB priceless!

    LCNB is a very sharp and precise instrument (best ever) but if we don’t use it properly we can easily hurt ourselves. That is the warning of the 2nd “L” in the word HOLLY!… more to come Nickster.


    Hi Ellis ,
    I am going to post on the Private Forum 3 LCNB shoes with
    overall PA of 59.68 % .
    All the best to you and your partner, Nickster

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