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    Ellis Davis

    I see we have a few more writing tools at our disposal now. Well, slowly but surely day by day.

    Anyway, Keith very recently said: “I’ve never won Net Betting!” Somehow this doesn’t surprise me.

    Shortly before that he said: “Ellis’s 1992 copyright on Net Betting has run out.” As if to say: “So now we are free to use it.” Well, sure, if you want to conduct a forum based on Plagiarism – which doesn’t seem to be a problem for Keith who has just discovered that my MDB+ approach works – which I just copyrighted last year. So now he’s having an $1800 6 hour seminar on the 7 bet triggers of MDB+. Well, if you want to be an $1800 victim of this, be my guest – or rather, Keith’s guest. As the creator of the MDB+ concept, I can teach you the 7 bet triggers of MDB+ in about 7 minutes. They are all spelled out on score cards in your new Final Word Manual. Knowing the bet triggers is not the trick of it. Any 6 year old…The trick of it is knowing when to deploy MDB+ and when to avoid it and when and how to adjust your delays to the conditions at hand. Which brings us full circle back to The Art of Net Betting. The trick of Net Betting is recognizing when to deploy it vs when to avoid it.

    If Keith want’s to be alone, that’s fine with me. But, to be alone he needs to be teaching his own systems created by his own brain. As long as he is teaching my systems created by my brain he is not alone – he is simply plagiarizing my work and my creations and operating in my shadow.

    If Keith ever bothered to read his own forum, he would have recently heard our member Kevin say: :”I’m simply Net Betting PvB U1D1 in Las Vegas and winning nearly every shoe.” And guess what: You Will!
    BECAUSE, factory preshuffled cards produce one of the perfect conditions for Net Betting – low PvB disparity.

    A few years back I was playing the main casino in Tunica MS, mostly head to head. It was the first time I ever played against factory cards. I was trying to play NOR but the shoes were simply not cooperating – when, in the middle of a shoe, the dealer said something she didn’t realize was extremely profound: “There it is again!” “What?” I asked. “Look at the tote board – P and B are dead equal again – That just keeps on happening!”

    A light bulb exploded in my head! I immediately switched to PvB Net Betting U1D1 and won every shoe big time for the rest of my trip. That night, in my hotel room, I checked all my cards thus far – and sure enough – P and B were running neck and neck every shoe!

    Impossible? NOTHING is impossible with factory cards! They don’t have a room where a bunch of people are sitting around shuffling cards. The cards are fixed artificially by machine into designed card orders. Those card orders strongly favor NORMAL frequencies of occurrence. Equal Players and Banks IS a normal frequency of occurrence. Therefore factory cards favor PvB Net Betting just as Kevin said. The very slight Bank favoritism is meaningless. When P and B keep tying, just as the dealer pointed out to me, the factory has artificially and inadvertently created perfect and reliable conditions for PvB U1D1 Net Betting. And that is a very aggressive way of playing – It makes a LOT of money! You start seeing +30 shoes in such conditions.

    Kevin saw it right off the bat! – excellent powers of observation. Good grief, it’s right there on the tote board in front of you.
    I SHOULD have seen it long before but what can I say – I was concentrating so hard on making NOR work that I missed the obvious until the dealer pointed it out to me. From there on – Bingo!

    OK, the point I want you to get out of the discussion thus far is this:

    Factory cards artificially create ideal conditions for U1D1 PvB NB.

    That one Baccarat tip is worth a million dollars!

    See, here’s what’s going on:

    Casinos, as well as card manufacturers, have been led to believe by their own Mathematicians that Random cards ( cards that achieve close to the mathematical normal frequencies) are the hardest cards for players to beat.

    And guess what: They are absolutely correct! It is proven. Casino Baccarat profits soared with the advent of factory cards. No question.

    BUT, it is only true for the other players – the masses – the herd.

    It is NOT true for US. I know how to beat random. That is part of what I teach. Yeah, yeah, I know, you keep hearing from Mathematicians that random is impossible to beat. That’s why they are such horrible players. Random is a bias in itself and therefore beatable. In fact, it is the most reliable bias BECAUSE it is artificially induced. Here is the actual FACT of the matter: Watch my lips: Both in Bac and in BJ:

    Random cards are the easiest to beat and the most reliable.

    But Ellis, then why are you putting all this on the public forum???
    Shouldn’t it be in the private forum?

    Well, exactly HOW to do it will, in fact, be detailed in the private forum as well as in your Final Word Manual.

    But I see the public forum as an advertisement for the private forum.

    Why would a member of the general public invest hard earned money on the private forum W/O a clue of what is in there. He has to know that there are teachable ways to beat casinos and that those ways are fully detailed in the private forum.

    And, he doesn’t want to hear it from me. He wants to hear it from YOU – my students. So I need you guys to back me up. Here is what the public wants to know:

    Is this guy Davis for real or is he just another scammer?

    I can’t answer that in any convincing way but YOU can.

    Most of the scammers teach you to play some sort of progression.

    For instance Silverthorn teaches the Fibonaci progression.

    But progressions alone can’t beat Baccarat. That is eventually mathematically impossible.

    Baccarat is not about how much you bet. It is about how often you bet the right side. It is about getting your bet win rate above the table odds of 50%. THAT is what I teach.

    There are proven ways to beat factory cards:

    MDB+ is one way. It has already produced a millionaire. (John)
    Net betting is another way for both factory and regular cards.
    It has also produced a millionaire (Oz)
    RSAP is another way. It has produced a millionaire (Norm)

    And there are proven ways to beat regular cards which are used in most US casinos and on line.

    NOR is one way.
    Net Betting is another way. One millionaire so far.

    Which brings us back to our topic: The Art of Net Betting.

    The reason I call it an art form is there are 4 options:

    PvB: Player vs Bank
    OvR: Opposites vs Repeats
    OvT OTB4L vs TB4L
    OOvTT Opposite the time before the time before vs Time before the time before

    And then each option has its own tricks of the trade

    During ny playing days I used Net Betting solely for several years.

    I did very well.

    But it takes practice and good powers of observation.

    Ellis, It sounds like you are talking about the 4D.

    Well I am. The 4D is really ultimate Net Betting. It is taking Net Betting to its fullest potential.

    I think that BTC is overall too junior for the 4d. But several there really got it and some are playing it. Oz, BTW was just playing one D of the 4D and he did extremely well. John B still persists in saying that it is the best approach I ever created. We will certainly pursue elements of the 4D here – perhaps even the whole darn approach.

    But back to simple PvB U1D1 Net Betting:

    Net Betting likes two different things: high disparity and low disparity. With factory cards we are talking low disparity

    I prepared a 60 play shoe for you to see this first hand.

    I’ll post it for you later.

    The first 2 cols of 20 plays each I mimicked A factory cards shoe.

    The first col has a disparity of 9 Players vs 12 Banks

    The 2nd col is 10 vs 10.

    So then I Net bet PvB U1D1 no suspends, no tricks just plain old U1D1.

    BTW, it doesn’t matter much how I arrange the circles. What matters is the disparity between P and B. I took no care at all in arranging the circles so long as I hit the disparities I wanted.

    We don’t bet the first hand so we are talking 39 plays in the first 2 cols – slightly over half a full shoe.

    In the 40 hands there were 8 no bets – due to equal entries so we are talking a total of 32 bets in 40 hands.

    The disparity got to a high of 9 to 4 in the first col.

    At the bottom of the first col of 20 my score was +8 in spite of the 9 vs 11 disparity.

    Continuing the same game my score at play 40 was +24.

    Obviously if the shoe continued on in similar fashion I could have hit +40 that shoe.

    My point those first 2 cols is there’s a lot of money to be made on artificially low disparity which is common with factory cards. See that?

    The 3rd col I went with high disparity to demonstrate that PvB net betting is highly effective in high disparity.

    I made the disparity 4 vs 16.

    Here I played the high disparity version of net betting. When an entry loses, it waits for a circle to resume betting.

    I used 1 common trick of the trade. When a side loses i play in a row it resumes where it left off after a winning circle – so it is usually resuming at 2. But when a side loses more than i play in a row – it resumes at 1. Very simple.

    I started this column from scratch at 1 v 1.

    So except for the first play it bet every hand. (19 bets)

    It scored +9 with a highest bet of 2. The PA was 39%.

    My point? Both high and low disparity present big money making opportunities. See that?


    Great work.. I can even learn on the public forum. I have been using a very Oz like OTB4L vs TB4L netbet to good success. I think your handling of the disparity is a good technique. You guys can learn lots here!


    Hi Ellis
    Great job on the new forum (looking forward to the Golden era of the Baccarat instruction, knowledge)
    I know and like low disparity Net Betting, i do have a couple questions in regard to high disparity version of Net Betting:
    1. When you use high disparity version of Net Betting? (score)
    2. Could you please illustrate on the score card (play by play) how does it work in practice?
    3. I just want to learn the right way from beginning.
    All the best, Nickster



    Thanks for all the help and work over the years that I’ve been reading and working with your ideas.   Mostly good stuff for sure.

    I’m not quite sure what happened over the last few months, but I’m glad I followed some leads to find this place.  Glad to be here.

    Always willing to listen and learn anytime of the day and I’m sure some really good nuggets will show up along the way.

    Net betting has worked well for me as does S40/x.  I don’t know where I would be without them in the arsenal.

    Anyway, back to reading everything, again!



    Ed Gil

    Comparison of a Shoe Using LCNB and OTB4L

    For my educational benefit, I applied what I learned from Ellis’ baccarat teachings to a shoe posted by Papajoe on the Forum. I illustrated the comparison using a scorecard format, where the Shoe results are listed side by side for easier evaluation.  To make the comparison possible, all OTB4L bets were limited to 2 units. The division between LCNB and OTB4L is denoted by the Red line on the scorecard.  The scorecard is for comparison only and not for casino play.  There is too much data to fill-in during casino play.

    I generated my scorecard using the Word software. The scorecard has additional data that I use during my casino play and is included on the card for my benefit.  The winning hands are Highlighted.  I find it easier and quicker to Highlight than to draw circles.

    Ellis mentions six systems that will be in his Final Word Manual for aiding in playing winning baccarat, in which LCNB is one of them.  He also mentions in his postings that the most important thing is to learn to interpret what the Tote Board is saying.  Pay attention to the Score at Play 20.  It is 5.  According to Ellis, a +4 Shoe at Play 20 is a Bad Shoe, 6 or more is good, and 10 or more is phenomenal. I guess a +5 is border line.  What do you do?  Playing at Casinos that have multiple tables, QUIT!  Casinos with single tables, you may adapt, improvise, and overcome.  Thus, look what the Tote board is saying about the shoe.  It has 6-2’s in the first 20 plays.  A Shoe High in 2’s favors OTB4L.  Therefore, change the cart at mid-stream; and play OTB4L.  Make your own conclusion on the comparison.

    Casino:    PJ Shoe  11301502


    Date:  Nov. 30, 2015

    Time:  5:41 PM 



    1.  S40=Hi 1’s or Hi 1’s – 2’s 

    2.  OTB4L= Hi 1’s or Hi 1’s -2’s

    3.  TB4L=Hi3+3 or Hi 1’s and 3+s

    18-1’s,       9-2’s,

    4.5-3’s,   2.25-4’s

    2.25-5    or more




    No. P B NB S P/B










    P B S O/R O/T
      1   0     -1 0 0 0 0 0          
      2   1 1 1 -2 0 0 0 0 0   1 1 -1  
      3   2 2 3 -3 0 0 4 0 0   2 3 -2 -1
      4 0 2 -2 1 -2 0 0 4 0 0   2 1 -1 0
      5 2   2 3 -1 0 2 4 0 0 2   3 -2 1
      6 2 0 -2 1 -2 0 2 4 0 0   2 5 -1 2
      7 0 2 2 3 -3 0           2 7 -2 3
      8 0 2 -2 1 -2 0 4 4 0 0 2   9 -1 4
      9 2 0 2 3 -1 0 6 4 0 0 2   11 -2 5
      10 2 0 -2 1 -2 0 6 4 0 0   2 13 -1 6
      11 0 2 2 3 -3 0 6     0   2 15 -2 7
      12 0 2 2 5 -4 0 6 8 0 0 2   13 -3 6
      13 0 2 -2 3 -3 0 6 8 0 0 2   15 -2 7
      14 2 0 2 5 -2 0 8 8 0 0 2   17 -3 8
      15 2 0 -2 3 -3 0 8 8 0 0   2 19 -2 9
      16 3 2 1 4 -2 1 8 8 0 0   2 17 -1 8
      17 2 3 -1 3 -1 1 8 8 0 0 2   19 -2 9
      18 2 4 2 5 -2 1 10 8 0 0   2 21 -1 10
      19 3 2 1 6 -1 2 10 8 0 0   2 19 0 9
      20 2 3 -1 5 0 2 12 8 0 0 2   21 -1 10
      After 2-2’s w/o a 3 between, bet the next 2 will go 3 212 or 22

    After 3-2+s w/o a 1 between bet the next Potential 1 stay 1

    (222 232 323).

    After 2-3’s w/o a 2 between bet the next 2 stays 2 (33 313).

    After 2-3’s w/o a 4 between bet the next 3 goes 4 (33 313 323)

    After 2 single 1’s bet the next 1iar goes double 1 (21212 31213 etc).

    After two double 1’s bet the next single 1 stays single (2112112 etc).

    After two double 1’s bet the next double 1 goes 3-1’s (211211211) bet on a third 1 (bet opposite).

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