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    Ellis Davis

    Regardless of what system you are playing, there is an MvD³ Optimum way of betting. As far as I can see, this is the best kept secret in Baccarat. NOBODY knows this. Even my three million dollar winners were NOT betting optimally. They got to a million anyway but they could have got there a whole lot quicker IF they knew how to bet optimally.

    I often play along side of my students. They religiously follow the side I’m betting but not the amounts I’m betting because my bet size makes no sense to them. As a result I end up at +20 while they end up at +10. And often I actually bet less overall than they did.

    I’ve never gotten the opportunity to teach optimum betting because with complex multi system approaches like NOR I’m too busy answering questions.

    But with a far simpler single technique approach like MvD, I get far fewer questions, if any.  It finally gives me the time to teach betting. There is a simple trick to optimum betting in the shoe at hand. Once you know this simple trick, you’ll find yourself betting less while winning more.

    There are times when you can safely bet higher the next play, ha, but there are also times you should be betting lower. You need to know when to do which to achieve the highest PA. Player Advantage is the best measurement of performance there is. EVERYONE should be tracking it every shoe like I do and I’ll teach you how to do that. But I’m only going to teach MvD³ Optimum Betting on the MvD Secret Private Forum. After all, our MvD players are the members I owe the most to. And Optimum Betting goes hand in hand with MvD..

    For instance, one of our MvD players averaged 7.7 units per shoe over 23 shoes playing a very tough casino. Very good! But had he been applying Optimum Betting, he would have averaged above +10 just like I did.

    Playing MvD is ONE skill set which I have greatly simplified to the point that ANYONE can learn it very quickly just referring to their manual for their first few practice shoes. 

    But MvD³ Optimum Betting is a whole different skill set I deploy but I’ve never taught before. Not that it is complex. It is very very simple and you’ll soon see that it makes perfect common sense. But it is something that no one would think of on their own. I’ve never seen any player applying it. Ha, until NOW..

    So, MvD players, watch for MvD³ Optimum MvD Betting by Ellis coming up very shortly on your Secret MvD Private Forum!

    Look, you’ll be playing the best Baccarat Approach the world has ever seen. You might as well learn how to bet MvD³ the best possible way. It’s more money in your pocket!


    that sounds great Ellis

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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