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    Ellis Davis

    Guys, you need to jump on this LCNB band wagon! It came out WAY better than I had expected. The guys are winning like crazy! In fact the WORST trip report I’ve seen so far, our student won 7 out of 9 shoes. But Tsen admits he doesn’t have all the rules down pat yet. But he will soon and then I want to see him at 9 out of 10 or even better!

    After 30+ years designing successful Baccarat systems, I’m sure LCNB will prove to be my best work ever. 

    So why is this system so special? 3 reasons:

    1.) LCNB is the first system in the entire history of Baccarat to have a built in Mathematical Advantage. And it is no small advantage. It’s huge! All other systems achieve their advantage only by matching the right system to the shoe at hand. But with LCNB you already have an advantage before you ever step foot in the casino. THAT is a Baccarat FIRST!

    2.) LCNB is a true Universal system. It plays any kind of cards anywhere including on line. No other system can make that claim including mine.

    3.) Your highest bet ever is 2, no matter what. Now I know what you are thinking – how can you make any real money betting 2 Hi?

    Ha, it doesn’t work that way. The fact is, the lower your highest bet, the more money you make BECAUSE the lower your highest bet the quicker you can raise your unit safely and successfully.

    In fact, all of my million dollar winners got there playing 2Hi systems.

    Normally I say raise your unit as soon as you have won 30 units in the next denomination. BUT with LCNB, your win rate is so high that for the first time I can say: “raise your unit when you have 15 units in the next denomination.”

    What exactly does that mean?

    Suppose you are a $25 player. With LCNB you can move up to $50 units as soon as you are ahead 30 green chips. Normally it takes months to raise your unit. But with LCNB you can reasonably expect to double your unit every several shoes – sometimes several times that same day!

    THAT is why you need to jump on the LCNB band wagon. It is the fastest and safest way to get to a million dollars in the entire history of Baccarat! And the casinos can’t do a thing about it. They have no idea what we are doing.

    But don’t take MY word for it. Listen to my students who are already playing it! 


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