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    No doubt, one of the real values of being part of this community is the interaction with other baccarat students and players.  Anyone who has a serious interest in this game recognizes that there is always something to be learned from others.  You can see it in the forum posts, going back many years – players developing new ideas and working them out with input from others.  I know that I have benefited from many, many ideas generated by so many members.

    Beyond sharing ideas in the forum, there is a real benefit in meeting with and playing with other members.

    I had five Vegas trips planned from late September through the end of October. I started writing about each of the trips and looking to connect with other players there – share playing strategies and then win at the tables.  Three of the trips have already passed, but there are two more this month if anyone would be interested in meeting up.

    First is this weekend, I will be in Vegas the 15th – 18th.  The final trip of the month is Oct 28-30.  There are a few others already joining this weekend.  Hope to see others on one of these trips.

    In the following posts I will re-post some brief trip notes.


    TRIP #1

    No other members made it for this trip, but I know some are planning for some of the October dates.  First shoe last night was no-brainer.  Saw perfect TBL shoe at about 25 hands in (nothing but chop and 4+).  So played for a bit…..


    Left the table after the first 2iar and first 3iar.  In for 10k, out for:

    This was a short two-day trip and had a few social interruptions as a few acquaintances / degenerates were in town.  Still, I managed to play 7 tables at Caesars, Cosmo and Aria.  That first table was just a screaming TBL opportunity that NEEDED to be taken advantage of (see above).  The rest of the tables were more typical following the shoe making selective bets based on short term set ups or SAP signals.  I found SAP to be extremely reliable this trip.  Sometimes SAP bounces all over the place, and when that happens the short term setups are usually very strong for a unit or two each.  Managed to net 37 units on the 7 tables.  Conditions were great for demonstrating how to follow a shoe and making selective bets with a very high hit rate.  Hope to see some members on a future visit.


    Trip #2

    Just got home Sunday morning.  Was a late decision to go this past weekend, as I am already planned to be in Vegas Tuesday to Friday.  A couple friends were planning to be in town and they are a fun group who put the pressure on to go.  I stayed at Caesars again, as that is where one of the guys was hosting a big party in the “Rainman” suite.  I generally don’t like to stay in the same casino on consecutive trips, especially when the trips are so close to each other, but made an exception this time.

    No other members joined which was unfortunate as there were several good (and profitable) instructional shoes.  Netted +42 units on this short trip playing at Caesars and Wynn.  I think this was my 8th or 9th consecutive winning trip at Caesars.  Played some more casual, low stake games at Paris and Cosmo with several friends with plenty of drinking.  It looks like I was about breakeven on those games.  After I got home my Caesars host informed me they would no longer offer comps on my play.  Apparently they determined I was not a profitable customer.   In the scheme of things it’s not a big deal.  The amount of money is not significant, and I certainly don’t use a lot of comps other than rooms and some meals.  But I do like having the comps, as it’s just one more measure of beating the casino.  Take their money in the casino, and then get them to pay for your expenses.  It’s mentally gratifying.  Now I just want to take even more from them in the casino — revenge!

    One of the guys i knew who was there this weekend was hosting a party in one of the famous rainman suites (from the movie).  Room was actually a little dark and dated, but still a pretty cool layout.




    Late one night, he came by a bac table where I had just sat down to start a new shoe.  I have played with him before, and can say that while he can win big, he can also lose very big.  Like most gamblers, he tends to bet almost every hand, follows one or two of the trends on the board, and makes too many large (like 5-7x his base bet) bets to be a consistent winner.  He often jokes with me that the first time we played at a table together he managed to lose $10k in a few minutes, but someone I won.  So he sits at the table, buys in for $20k and says he is going to follow me.  I know he will have a hard time doing that, and I told him it means he will be taking a lot of free hands and will only be mildly increasing his bets on a winning streak, and never increasing his bet after a loss.  As luck would have it, it turned out to be a decent shoe and we had a high hit rate.  He did struggle to not make a bet when I didn’t, and of the three times he bet anyway, he lost two of them.  Of course, I pointed that out to him.  He made more money than me because he was betting higher units and was aggressively increasing his bets on consecutive wins

    When he colored up, this is what he turned his $20k into:

    He was so excited the whole time we were winning.  As we are getting up he decided the next play was 100% going to be a banker.  Before I could stop him he drops two chocolates on banker.  Of course, player wins with a natural 8.  He’s like so I won 34k instead of 44k, I’m fine with that.  This attitude, which is how most gamblers approach the game, will keep them from being consistent long term winners — unless of course they can find a disciplined professional to follow.

    He did throw a great party Saturday night though — far better than what this boring baccarat player could pull off.


    Trip #3

    Back home from a mid-week trip to Vegas.   Play time was light, but won on all tables except one where I lost first two bets and left.  Had to run over to Caesars to pick up some show tickets.  Saw a good tote board and gave them 10 minutes play, winning 9 units.  F.U. Caesars!

    Next trip there will be several other members in town.  Will be at Aria for that trip — haven’t been there in several months, will be good to have a go at their bac tables again.

    MGM results before redeeming 20k marker:





    Love the Rain Man suite ????????


    Got back home today after a few fun days in Vegas.  Met up with a couple guys who were playing at the Palms, where these guys were just crushing table after table.  I played a couple shoes with them there and we played a couple tables together at Aria, where I was staying and concentrating most of my play at.  The guys found the Palm shoes to be very consistent — they were just TBL and/or repeat shoes right from the start.  I played two shoes at Palms with them at somewhat lower bet size.  I lost the first table while the guys won.  They capitalized on what they knew about the shoes at Palms, while I guess I wasn’t listening to them or needed to see it first.  So as we are waiting for the cards for the next shoe we were discussing out loud how every shoe they have seen for two days has been TBL. Sure enough, the next box of pre-shuffled cards was a very consistent OTBL shoe. We killed it.

    I also met up with black2bac and CndCharmer who came by Aria to talk baccarat and share some ideas. Other than the couple shoes at Palms, all of my play this trip was at Aria, where playing short term set ups and SAP won every shoe but one.

    Was up 42 units last night when I took this pic.

    But then gave a little back this morning before heading home with 36 units. Overall, another good trip with the chance to catch up with some other players. One more planned trip this month, October 28. Maybe some others will be around that weekend.


    Very nice to see Way2Fast … for my local casino . They have been putting a third card down on a natural 8 or nine on me . Then burning 10 cards . Twice in a deck . Totally messing the sap count and O/R count up . So I must pick up and wait for another shoe . So Having multiple casinos available such as Vegas has or Ellis has in MS. is a blessing in itself .

    So I’ll make it there some day in the future when my priorities change or shift to allow me to . And have them all bend over and take it …

    Keep those Great posts coming . It will help others in putting the dedication and time into learning “How To Beat The Casinos” at their own game ….



    Hi Danny

    Just so you know that the all testers including myself paid their early bird fees and signed their NDA’s upfront.

    Plus these testers were hand picked by Ellis because they have already demonstrated a clear understanding of all of his NOR, RSAP and MDB+ systems for a long time running.

    And Ellis needed to be certain that the MvD technique encompassed all of these potential road hazards that could have popped up by not being addressed during live play using the MvD technique.

    I personally have averaged very high hit rates and a Player Advantage of up to 75% while playing the MvD technique for a month now.

    And I noticed you on the MvD secret forum today as well, that means you also will be enjoying the same results very soon my friend.

    BacMan B-)


    Thanks for understanding fellow MvD Private Members.

    The manual will clearly outline all of your questions.

    But 1st and foremost we have to protect this amazing secret discovery as our own.

    Otherwise we are simply just handicapping ourselves before we even get started. Let’s not lose out this opportunity.

    You’ll see how powerful MvD really when you get the manual.

    Even the MvD forum will be strictly monitored only for other MvD private members to know who is who.

    Otherwise any questions must be sent via the “contact us” tab in the drop down menu for “Products” on the site.

    Then we will answer you with a password protected zip file for the answer.

    Let’s not squander our great opportunity here my friends.
    We need to protect it.

    Even giving this info out to friends or family could launch a viral feeding frenzy where someone leaks this MvD technique out to the public and bang it’s over once the casinos catch wind of this.


    Right now we possess the Power let’s keep it that way for as long as we can before the casinos try and counter us like they did with NOR and MDB+
    We are like gold miners who just hit the mother lode let’s not give the whereabouts of where our claim is hidden.
    And stake our claim.
    And avoid getting robbed.
    It took Ellis 42 years to discover the MvD technique so let’s value it as a Million dollar opportunity!


    I started this thread to report back on a bunch of scheduled Vegas trips from end of Sept to end of Oct and hopefully generate interest in players coming out to join in the fun and winning.  It seems the thread has gotten off track a bit recently — maybe its the only open thread for comments?

    So, back to the trips:


    Unplanned Trip #5

    This past weekend was my weekend “off” at home to rest up between Vegas weeks.  But then I decided what I really needed to do was casino test a few ideas before next week’s Vegas trip, so on Saturday I drove to Harrah’s near San Diego.  And on Sunday afternoon I went up to LA to play with CT70 at his casino, which is always fun.  Saturday +32 units; Sunday +12 units.

    All ready for Vegas on Friday.  Going to connect and play with a couple members on Saturday — hope some others can also make it.


    Just to finish the last installment of this journey……

    Trip #6

    Was in Vegas this last weekend.  Was going to meet up with a couple members, but due to some scheduling conflicts, will meet up with them in a couple weeks instead.  Earned 38 units this trip, which brings the total for this series of six gambling trips to +229 units.  I’m glad several players were able to join for parts and share in playing approaches.  However, I thought there would be more interest in meeting and winning money.  Perhaps the issue is the few eyeballs on this board and these posts, or perhaps people prefer to go to a cold weather city in November instead, lol.

    Wishing everyone at CFC the best on your journey to uncover the secret to success.


    Thanks for your input Way2Fast just curious for this trip what was your base bet?

    I know you posted some pics of $5,000 chips (Browns) but assume you didn’t bet that as your base bet?



    Yeah you are probably best not to divulge…

    Well we did sell 23 full Mvpackages in the last 7 days and already we have novice players averaging between 14-20+ units per shoe flat betting which sometimes gets them higher scores,

    We also have a few new twists with MvD³ Optimum Betting, but I guess once we get our first Millionaire players we’ll have a lot more to talk about…

    So far according to our analytics we’re getting about 3,000 hits a day and about 3% CTR’s (Click Through Ratios) are signing up. So not bad for one year so far. Google says we are out performing fortune 500 companies that are only doing at best 2% CTR’s (Click Through Ratios) and they are spending mega bucks for that kind of exposure on the internet. So we must be doing something right I guess.

    But we’ll keep growing slow and steady but surely.
    I guess slow and steady wins the race.

    I heard you were only betting $100 a hand still good on you to win approximately $23,000 great accomplishment in my books!

    Well we’re all in this together so we are happy for you either way.

    CFC  B-)


    Hey McVince

    It’s really unfortunate that you don’t fully understand the reality of what is happening with Mvand it’s already tried, tested and proven strength of encompassing all of Ellis’ teachings over his 42 years of experience.

    And Ellis’ gift to design card play strategies that you personally have gained a lot from based on your past testimonials and baccarat successes that I have read.

    Mv and MvD³  Optimum Betting preceding “The Final Word” manual is more of putting the ending to a Quentin Tarantino movie where you already know the ending at the beginning of the film and then want to watch the rest of the film to better understand how you got there.

    Trust us with this and you already Trust Ellis otherwise you wouldn’t have been his loyal student for so many years my friend. We have not abandoned “The Final Word” manual and fully intend on delivering it to you.

    Hopefully you will be part of our Mv and MvD³  family by then.

    Good fortune to you,


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