Another successful day playing S“0”S

Played out this exploit shoe that I ended at eighteen “18+” Stop Win and was basing at single units.

Shoe #3 Played Opposites (one’s are high so I played with correct S“0”S  prog with this shoe) started at play eighteen “#18” hit played to a stop win of eighteen “18+” betting mostly single units, imagine if I would have exploit bet this shoe I would have achieved twenty “22+” out of twenty-nine “29” bets:

But even at eighteen “18+” S“0”S got twenty-one “21” right vs eight “8” wrong that’s 72% player average, still great.




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2 thoughts on “Another successful day playing S“0”S

  1. Hi Brian
    That’s a great question which makes me think of a fair trade.
    You can send me a shoe that maybe you had some difficulty playing and I will play it out and report the results back onto this thread (But no details of play) if you like or in a private email.

    And if you then feel confident enough to want to learn our S”0″S and make a purchase, I will reveal to you how I played your shoe step by step and also get you into our S”0″S Private Group forum so that you can see other sample shoes and rules to better understand our method.

    What do you think?

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