Enrolling non-members into our forum as private members…

Use a live workshop setting whereas free private membership is guaranteed based on Ellis either winning or losing them $1,000.00 USD or it’s equal currency value if we end up doing the workshop outside of North America….

1- Do live workshops for $500.00 USD for Non-members & $250.00 USD for private members.

2- Guarantee success either through the table play after session from the live workshop.

3- Or if the session loses then a one year free private membership in the private forum ($1,000 value)… (Ellis doesn’t plan to lose the session).

This offer also applies to already existing private members of Casino Forum Club as well, same deal on their renewal fee’s (If you’re current then you get paid at the workshop table play after session). If the session loses then the private members will get their free annual subscription rate of $250.00 reimbursed to them at the live workshop table play after session.

Either way no one loses, so let’s set up a live workshop everyone, and if we can get a minimum of 10 students or more then we will come to either Las Vegas or if the majority group is closer to another major city in the USA or Canada then we can set up a workshop there as well and do the the table play after session at the local casino of choice by the players who attend the workshop on the day of the workshop.

For international live workshops our fee’s would be double based on foreign exchange rates and travel costs that would need to be arranged, (Minimum 10 or more students attending).

CFC  :good:  :bye:

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  1. I would attend a seminar if we get 10 people. I am not available the weekend of September 15th/16th. I would prefer Las Vegas but I can travel too. Thank you.

  2. Since the ’80s I have conducted hundreds of seminars in major casino cities throughout the U.S., Canada and even The Bahamas. Each seminar was followed by a casino play session. Attendees were invited to either watch or play along side me. I never lost a single one of those play sessions.

    Perhaps the most notorious was a 4 day Team BJ seminar at one of the best beach resorts in Nassau. I taught Team BJ the mornings of days 2 3 4 and 5. We spent those afternoons on the beach and played a casino session each of the 4 nights. Each attendee was assigned to one of 8 BJ teams. After the 4th play session we split our winnings evenly among all 43 attendees. Each received more than enough to pay for his or her seminar, air fare, room and meals. We spent the last 2 days on the beach. Everyone left with more money than they came with.

    After my last Vegas seminar at the Marriott, six of us selected a Bac table at the Flamingo. Within two shoes the dealer was out of chips and had to close the table and wait for a refill.

    Hey, let’s play!

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