Life is not about “fear the losing” it’s about “losing the fear”
Struggle only has value if you don’t know when it will evate.
Pressure only serves it’s purpose if you can’t be sure you’ll prevail.
And the only argument that losing is worth while is that it reminds you how to win.
Nothing about the  story of any challenge is predetermined.
You have to earn every step forward. And own every set back.
So you cope with the burdens of the campaign in ways that befits your persona.
And you seek comfort in togetherness to combat the isolation of disappointment.
The whole point of any game is that no one knows who will win or lose.
The whole point of playing it, is that you take it upon yourself to have the final say!
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3 thoughts on “CFC-isms

  1. Gaming so often mirrors life…..the odds are usually against. The keys to success are to pay attention, recognize and then seize opportunity when it’s there! The rest is just waiting…. :-)

  2. I totally agree with you Ellis on that one….
    In fact I always say it’s not how much money you win but more really how many more hands you win…

    And once I’ve got that under my control only then will I increase my minimum bets…..

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