Christmas Promo officially over… Happy New Year!

Thanks to all who participated in the Promo sale price we offered for S“0”S and SBac but it’s time to move on and start training our new and seasoned private members how to maximize their winnings with our Navigating two approaches.

We will still offer or regular 50% off the retail price for all up to date Private Member subscribers.

If some of you are presently in arrears then we will waive the full $250 and only ask that you pay $125 to update your private membership subscription and that can be added to your $375 discount amount totalling $500 for S”0”S for now and later if you choose to learn our exploit system SBac we can add it for $375 as well.

Both approaches are more of a Navigator method of utilizing
all the NOR and more methods of attacking the current shoe at play.

I will be in Singapore within the next couple of months meeting other private members of S”0”S & SBac.
Hope that works for you,

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