Here’s what Phil Town has to say about the worlds top investors: Warren Buffet

It’s an unknown fact that the worlds richest men adopt and subscribe to the same steadfast rules and money management strategies as our top players do here at Casino Forum Club in order to gain consistent winnings at the Baccarat tables.

But unlike the worlds richest investors whom are more than satisfied with say 20-50% on their annual ROI (Return on Investment), on the contrary we here at Casino Forum Club make it our minimum Stop Win of 20% of our starting bankroll per hour if the shoe is tough and much more if it is not.

Sometimes over 100% ROI… of our starting bankroll. That’s un-imaginable in a top ranking investment savvy investment brokerage’s portfolio. Think about the possibilities that lay before you right now here at CFC.

These Investment Gurus can charge upwards of $7,500 USD for just one – three days of their time to teach you how to play the market for 20% and maybe a little more per annum.

But we do it day in and day out on a hourly basis simply playing S“0”S or S Bac.

That is how we can create a Million Dollars over a very short period with just a $1,000 start for your bankroll using our Bankroll tiering system. (If you are not timid you can push the already proven tiering system from $1,000 bankroll into the six figure realm within a few weeks only)!

We here at Casino Forum Club teach you all the strategies and more that these Wall Street Tycoons have done for decades earning riches beyond our beliefs.

These stock experts are based on you picking the right stock and the right fund manager to create your winnings of 20% per year of your initial investment.

Well now we here at Casino Forum Club can teach you how to pick just one simple game:

Baccarat and we can train you in a matter of one day to be your own money manager and consistently win over 20% ROI PER DAY of your initial bankroll!

That’s right and with two great winning systems for only $625 (that’s 50% off the current $1,250 value for both).

As of August 1st, 2018 both programs will be selling separately:

S Bac $750 on it’s own and S“0”S  for $500 on it’s own to all public members.

Act now and start enjoying the winnings today,


Check out some of the similar facts listed below between traditional sound investment strategies vs Bankroll management and Game Strategies and you make the choice which Investment vehicle and strategy will give you the maximum yield for minimum waged:

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2 thoughts on “Here’s what Phil Town has to say about the worlds top investors: Warren Buffet

  1. Here we are in Las Vegas again!. The shoes I’m seeing here now are absolutely the worst shoes I’ve ever seen in my life!

    No rhyme or reason whatsoever – no consistency. I haven’t seen a single winning player – except us. The shoes are totally misleading.

    Repeat bettors, Opposite bettors, Bank players, Player players, TB4L players, all losing at a tragic pace. Follow The Shoe players getting killed!

    But S0S/S Bac relies on none of those things, It does its own thing.

    It is made for the Designer shoes we see today and finds its own way W/O getting into any bets higher than 2.

    Or if you prefer – no higher than 1. Most shoes, my highest bet is 1, a very comfortable way to play.

    I’m actually the most comfortable when we find ourselves betting against the whole table. We are nearly always right!

    Try it – you’ll like it!.

  2. I’ve played S”0″S many, many times. It is the most conservative system on the planet. Its ABS (Average Bet Size) is actually less than 1 unit. Your highest bet ever is 2 and, if you prefer, you can make that a 1 bet. Likewise, you can flat bet S BAC if you prefer.

    S”0″S has an Opposite vs Repeat Basis while S Bac has a Player vs Bank basis. When you team two systems together you want them to have different basis so that each are strong where the other is weak.

    I have often said, “The game is not about how much you bet. It is about how often you bet the right side.” Both S”0″S and S Bac concentrate on betting on the right side – the Strong Side of the moment.

    Keeping your bets low has a huge advantage. You can increase your unit much faster. In fact we will give you an optimum schedule for knowing when best to increase your unit.

    My friend Norm bet 2 Hi and followed this same unit increase schedule. Norm was one of my best students. Starting at $10 units Norm followed this same unit increase schedule and won 2 million dollars in 2 years.

    Anyone who puts their mind to it and plays with discipline can do the same thing. We give you the tools, answer all your questions and give you all the help you need. The rest is up to you.

    S0S / S BAC players: please post your casino experiences here. New guys prefer hearing from you rather than Dean and me.

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