Important S Bac note:

If high 2’s are even normal then you can safely switch to OTB4L which kills the shoe if you know the right S Bac triggers.

As clearly indicated in this sample shoe I played last night and I absolutely annihilated the shoe 27+ units just simply flat betting….WOW!

Played this shoe last night and tweeked it to switch perfectly into an OTB4L exploit just flat betting, notice the red ink markings on the score card if you are a S Bac Private Support Member if not then you need this so get onto the program, don’t wait.
Dean aka: CFC

S Bac OTB4L switch indicator shoe played and tweaked by Dean aka: CFC

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5 thoughts on “Important S Bac note:

  1. Guys, I was just kidding back there when I talked about changing the name to SS or whatever. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. No, the S0S S Bac Approach is working perfectly just as is. We don’t dare change anything!

  2. My On Line play at Bet Phoenix:

    We are playing hand shuffled cards only so we are sticking to NOR.

    We started with a buy in of $100 3 days ago..

    So following my tiering system of money management, we started with nickels until we got to $200.

    Then we went to dimes. We just broke $700 early this morning.

    Following my tiering system, we should have gone to quarters when we hit $500 yesterday.

    But here’s the thing: Betting dimes we only need to average 7 units per day to make $1000 each per month! Sounds crazy but do the math. We are WAY ahead of schedule.

    Why go to quarters and chance getting banned???

    Me against hand shuffled cards = no contest!

    Our goal is $1000 each per month.

  3. Trip Report – Dean – by Ellis

    Dean played 15 shoes. If he lost any at all, it was only by a unit or 2.

    He ended up at +70 units ! Very close to a 100% shoe win rate !

    Dean is a hit and run player with an extremely high hit rate !

    He played more shoes than me because he often quit at +5. Then went to another table. He only went more than +5 when he hit +5 real quick. Then he’d start over and go for another +5 at the same table. But he captured his first +5.

    Dean has his S”0″S and S Bac approach down pat including his O/R count and split SAP counts. These are his navigators to land on the right system for the shoe at hand. Any trouble is dispelled by his 0 bets.

    BUT also, his tote board reading usually already tells him the right system.

    He has developed a simpler but accurate process of system selection.

    Hey, I watched it work for 4 days.

    I would call it a Baccarat breakthrough!

    Dean worked very long and hard to come up with what I would call The Navigator Approach – Simplified System Selection.

    S”0”S for Simplified “0” System Selection!

    You know, when you think about it, everybody knows what they SHOULD have played after the shoe is over. Sorry, too late! You need to know BEFORE you make your first bet. Nobody should ever bet W/O a reason. Those guys are Gamblers – not Players. As PLAYERS, We only bet Money when we have good reason and KNOW what system to play. That takes at least 7 to 10 plays.


    That is why we have the “0” bet. You tend to be betting real money in the good sections while betting a bunch of zeros in the bad sections. Get it?

    Dean has got S”0”S and S Bac down to a Science.

    Hmm? We call it Simplified “0” System Selection !

    I watched this work virtually PERFECTLY for 4 days and nights.

    Guy, we’ve got to give credit where credit is due.

    3 CHEERS for Dean!

  4. TRIP REPORT – Vegas – Ellis

    Well, that last note, I was referring only to the high stakes room – where I normally play. But…

    All’s well that ends well. I made ONE tragic mistake – I played the high stakes room first – 2 shoes – both highly fixed and impossible to play. That was early the first day. No tables open on the floor. That was the only play I saw in the high stakes room the entire 4 day trip. Even the locals avoided the high stakes room like the plague even at night when the floor was crowded. That’s a pretty blatant clue – but the first early morning – when I prefer to play – I didn’t know that YET.

    That was my only mistake. I won every shoe on the floor playing S0S. Strangely there were no Strong Side SBac shoes. But I did switch to OTB4L in a very high 2s situation and hit a 13 play TT run – BB PP BB PP BB PP. I also hit an 11 play ZZ run and a couple 9 and 10 play straight runs. I was ON all of them from the beginning just following the S0S rules.

    There were some heavy hitting local Gamblers playing the floor – players you normally see in the high stakes room – sticking to floor play. I wish I had known that the first morning. So I played 12 shoes and won 10. The 2 I lost – both in the high stakes room.

    But the floor – virtually every tote board – every table was ideal S0S the entire 4 days. Ideal S0S is easy to spot. I’ll draw out what we consider an ideal S0S tote board for you on the Private S0S forum. I only switched to OTB4L ONCE the entire trip and just in time to hit that 13 play TT run.

    We did a LOT of walk throughs like on the way to a restaurant or the pool and every single time we ended up saying to each other “S0S – definitely S0S – every table!” That’s the way it was! All’s well that ends well!

    Meanwhile, one of our players took me up on my offer to play shoes for them on line. We played 2 shoes so far and have another scheduled for today at Bet Phoenix. +15 and +10. Not bad for 6 deck hand shuffled Baccarat! We split 50/50!

  5. Here we are in Las Vegas again!. The shoes I’m seeing here now are absolutely the worst shoes I’ve ever seen in my life!

    No rhyme or reason whatsoever – no consistency. I haven’t seen a single winning player – except us. The shoes are totally misleading.

    Repeat bettors, Opposite bettors, Bank players, Player players, TB4L players, all losing at a tragic pace. Follow The Shoe players getting killed!

    But S0S/S Bac relies on none of those things, It does its own thing.

    It is made for the Designer shoes we see today and finds its own way W/O getting into any bets higher than 2.

    Or if you prefer – no higher than 1. Most shoes, my highest bet is 1, a very comfortable way to play.

    I’m actually the most comfortable when we find ourselves betting against the whole table. We are nearly always right!

    Try it – you’ll like it!.

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