MvD Player Results for 50 shoes

So far, 50 difficult shoes have been played.  In 50 shoes played:

Lost two at -4 and -3. 

4 break even shoes.  

Won 44 shoes.  

Win rate can either be 88%  

Or including the four break even shoes as not losing, can be 92%. 

Or 50 shoes  count only the 44 winning shoes and 2 losing shoes.  

Had 2 shoes did over 30 units, one did +61 playing 3-4-5 negative progression due to winning many First Bets and in a row. 

Of those 50 shoes only needed to switch to Anti – MvD  a few times and still won the shoe. 


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22 thoughts on “MvD Player Results for 50 shoes

  1. An excellent post gawags! You have clearly demonstrated that MvD can also beat regular cards. In fact you’ve demonstrated MvD can excel against regular cards!

    You are obviously one of my NOR students. It is understandable that you would have more confidence in NOR than the brand new MvD, especially against regular cards. But MvD, probably to your surprise, EXCELLED, didn’t it.

    But please allow me a couple of pointers just as I would coach you under our Mentorship program:

    No problem with the 3 shoes you played. But I call your attention to your practice shoe. Our stop loss is -4, meaning you don’t make a bet that could take you below -4. So you wait for a winning bet and then lose a 1,2 right off the bat putting you at -3 with a 3 bet do. So you quit at -3, NOT -5.

    Then you watch the shoe to see if it turns good. And it does so at play 10.. Fine, now get back in at play 11 with your 345. You struggle to get to +20 at play 29. You hit +20 the second time at play 31. A definite quit signal! But since you got to +23 between the 2 +20s you keep on trucking and lose an entire 345 progression on you way to your third +20 at play 42. That is your THIRD +20 and a final quit signal in our cash mgt program. So you QUIT at play 42 at +20. That nets you +17 for the shoe. So, OK, your would have got to +25 had you stayed in. But then you crash and burn, again demonstrating the wisdom of our cash mgt program. In struggling shoes you are always looking for a good place to get out. And your third +20 is definitely QUIT!

    Guys, this is a demonstration of the quality of our Mentorship program. Normally I would put such posts on the Private MvD forum. But I wanted to give you an idea of what we mean by Mentorship. NO ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND!
    Now, that gives MvD 4 out of 4 winning shoes: +20, +42, +36, +26.

    A black chip player, which if you aren’t already, you soon will be, Playing MvD by the book would be up $12,400 in ONE afternoon.

    Our cost for thoroughly teaching you MvD? – $1500. Any questions?

  2. Post of gawags

    MvD Private Member

    I went to the casino yesterday for some live practice. I work on using the 345 progression when I could. I scored +8 in my warm up shoe which I played as a strong side/repeats. It was the odd duck of the night. MvD didn’t play it very well. The next 3 shoes I used the 345 progression and scored 5+17+30=52. MvD with the 345 progression would have scored 42+36+26= 104. ? MvD would have done it with ease. That’s not hind sight scoring either! The shoes were not pre-shuffled decks and it was early evening time. Please look at shoe number 2. It lost the 345 progression twice (almost back to back) and still made +36 with a drawdown of -5. Check my math!

    Practice Red Shoe: P 112312241229112821134133 : O/R -13 ; Banker +16; MvD-5:

    1 Blue Shoe: B 4112111111312162251312112111211212 : O/R +8; MvD +11; Mvd(345) +42:

    2 Red Shoe: B 21111112225131132121311113111321132154 : O/R +6; MvD +13; Mvd(345) +36:

    3 Blue Shoe: B 42312211111122113121111212236113212 : O/R +7; MvD +7; Mvd(345) +26:

  3. And wayner emailed me this:

    I am sure glad I took the leap of faith and got MvD. Right now I am probably playing 90% correct and going back to read the manuel again. So far I have played 13 shoes and just flat betting and won 12 shoes. Here are my results +10,+1,+10,+5,+14,+1,+6,+5,+6,+1,+3,-3,+4 for 63 units average of 4.8 units flat betting. When I get better I wonder what your optimum betting score will be. Plus I would like to thank you for being a big help when I need to ask you a few questions.


    This is a new student just now learning Baccarat.

    If he can do it……

    A 4.8 average gets you to a million dollars even faster than the 3 guys who already been there, done that.

    Maybe Wayner will be our next Millionaire!

    Are you guys gonna let wayner be next?

    Or will YOU be next???

  4. Hello again everyone . Just returned from Canada FallsView Casino . Meet up with BacMan for some live play at the tables .
    Picked up Valuable knowledge from him on how to play MvD and Reverse MvD. The emphise of our play was mostly Reverse MvD. To see it in live play with real chips on how both methods work ,( Mvd/Reverse MvD ). Was the best learning experence. If you missed it , ( i was the only one there ). You missed a Valuable lesson . I would recommend anyone wanting to attend the Vegas Seminar to do so . You will most likely pick up a few more tid-bits than me ( I had no seminar available ) .Then take that knowledge to the casino’s and make your profit .

    Thanks Again BacMan for meeting me there . It was a Privledge And I’m Very Greatfull to You for the time spent . Just wish I could have stayed longer … THANK YOU My New Friend .


    P.S. Hope i got your screen name correct ….

  5. BTW, Carlos called to tell me our MvD new game start procedure would have greatly improved his overall performance in his 50 shoes results.

    Don’t surprise me none.

    And Bacman contributed that trick.

    I should have thought of that myself.

    Getting old is a bitch!

  6. That goes for everybody. Anyone who knows MvD and MvD3 Betting thoroughly can post their hit rate here once you have 10 or more shoes played. Bets won / total No of bets made. Now we aren’t talking about chips here – just the number of bets that won / the number of bets made.

    Now, PA (Player Advantage) (ROI) is Units Won / Units Bet.. That is important too!

    Hit Rate measures the quality of our bet selection ( how often we bet the winning side) – no matter the amount, while PA measures our overall performance including bet amounts. PA is the best measurment of overall performance.

    Mathematically, the table odds on hit rate is 50%. The ACTUAL historical Avg hit rate in Baccarat is only about 43%. So if you are above 43%, you are already above average. But if you are above 50%, your winning potential is virtually unlimited. THAT is the league you want to be in and it is a fraction of 1% of the total players.

    If your avg hit rate is above 50% this means that you are successfully using the casino’s own tactics against them. And that is the name of the game these days. THAT is what MvD is designed to do. It is YOUR Designer against theirs.

  7. Ok Brian and thanks. First, Brian means that his TOTAL losses were -3 : one shoe at -1 and the other at -2. And he only lost those two because he played them out to the end. He would have quit those shoes at +1 with normal cash mgt. Because in actual play, flat betting, once you get to +3 you don’t make a bet that could take you below +1, You quit at +1. So in reality he won all 6 shoes.

    But he doesn’t mention that the winning shoes won by a LOT. One of them was about +20 – exceptionally high for flat betting.

    So Brian, here’s what you do. First, play the next 4 consecutive shoes out of the tester so you have a total of ten played shoes played to correct Cash Mgt.

    Next count your total winning bets and your total losing bets.

    Now you can determine your hit rate: winning bets/ total bets. We are looking for something above the random table odds of 50%.

    That will give us a rough MvD hit rate for regular cards.

    Meanwhile, Carlos is computing his hit rate for “factory preshuffled cards” over at least 50 shoes.

    This way we will have approximate hit rates for BOTH regular and preshuffled cards that can be perfected over time.

    What is the significance of that?

    Look, when you play Baccarat, either you are playing against regular cards or you are playing against “factory” arranged card orders. That is all she wrote. You want to beat BOTH with ONE, SIMPLE approach. THAT has never been done before. Until now with MvD.

    I would like to clearly demonstrate that MvD does BOTH.

    But also, it has been said that no matter the cleverness of the Designer, his avg. hit rate will never exceed 53%. We will see about that. But even only 53% is very, very good. Anybody who can achieve a 53% hit rate is automatically on his way to a million dollars.

  8. Hello everyone, I just got done going over the MvD3 betting with Ellis. In our conversation I told him that I used his old bac system tester circa 1994 ? I played 6 shoes won 4 out of 6 flat betting losses were only 3 units in 2 of those shoes. NOR would have had a field day with these shoes had we had it then. The point I’m trying to make is that MvD beat these shoes without using a prog. Those 2 shoes I lost would have won very easy and would have won more on the other 4 shoes. It beat the NOR shoes without a problem. Ellis, would you comment on our conversation?
    Thanks, Brian.

  9. You Math guys: Look, we all agree that our random flip a coin table odds are 50/50.

    Those are the odds MvD needs to beat.

    And we know we do. We know TWO ways:

    First: the flat bettors are winning.

    Second: If MvD was at 50/50 we would be resorting to anti HALF the time.

    Think about it!

    BUT, we AREN’T – not even close!

    MvD does what everybody in this game has been trying to do for 400 years –

    Beat a 50/50 hit rate.

    THAT is the name of the game!

  10. AND, what John said, word for word:

    “Dear Ellis, I’m sorry about not replying to you sooner but I’ve been busy with some of my Accounting studies. I did have a chance to test some more shoes (ie. about 10) and they are all winners (ie. +3 to +4 avg. flat betting). Great job Ellis!! Keep up the great work!
    Kindest Regards,

    Sound trivial?

    Consider this: That is all of our 3 million dollar winners averaged: 4 at the most!

    And they weren’t Flat Betting !

    Sooo, what John is actually saying is this:

    MvD can win a million dollars just flat betting.

    Yeah, yeah I know, it’s only ten shoes.

    But it’s early yet – I just gave John the MvD instructions

    and John is one of my most trusted testers. He’ll do more – a lot more.

    He’s hooked – just like my computer tester!

  11. From the Private MvD forum:

    BTW, here is what 777 said about Optimum MvD³ Betting – word for word.


    This is perfect! This is a great breakdown of Optimal MvD³ betting. Thank You!


    YOU wanna get a taste of THAT!

  12. One of you called me politely and said that I failed to mention Carlos’s avg score for his 50 shoes. How could I forget such an important detail? It was 10.8 units per shoe.

    Another asked about the hit rate. Also very important. It was VERY high. But I’ll call Carlos and have him calculate the exact % once it is a decent hour to call.

  13. Hi mcvince. Ha, it might sound that way because we are limited in what we can say but MvD has nothing in common with LCNB or anything else we ever did.MvD is a whole new technique of playing that is dictated by history. A whole new playing concept.

    But I forewarn you, once you start – usually after the 2nd event completes, you bet every hand. I tell YOU this because you have a thing about betting every hand. The vast majority of players, including me, PREFER betting every hand and some casinos like Tunica MAKE you bet every hand once you start.

    I have to go with how the majority of players want to play. I learned that the hard way by trying to introduce MDB+. Very few are interested in a system that only bets occasionally. Plus it is illegal in some casinos like Tunica.

    I was motivated by how can we beat the cards we see TODAY – the shoes we see today generated by “factory preshuffled cards”. They are different and we have to play them differently – very differently. THAT is what MvD is about.

    Mcvince, I’d love to have you with this fastly growing MvD family. Great, but be prepared to bet every hand once you start. We will teach you MvD³ Optimum Betting which goes hand in hand with MvD. You squeeze the MOST out of a shoe while betting the least.

    But the MAIN advantage of MvD is that it is ONE SIMPLE way of playing TODAY’S cards. Today’s Players do not like complex multiple systems or trying to match the shoe with the right system. They want ONE SIMPLE way of playing that covers everything. MvD is the answer to Today’s game and Today’s players. Join us. MvD makes life so much easier.

  14. For those that are interested in your new system, how is it different from LCNB? Because your advertisements sound very similar to your LCNB advertisement that you posted on December 17th of last year.

  15. Hi everyone . Max here . Just recieved my Manual the other day after some mailing confusion . But things worked out after sending e-mails to CFC . Thank You CFC and the gang ….
    After a slow read of the Manual . And looking at the example . It TRULY is an EASY system to follow . Was quite suprised on How easy it was to read . And the definitions at the end of the manual for those who need them are quite clear .
    I would Strongly Recommend this to anyone interested in playing Baccarat .
    I have been going over some old casino shoes from an NOR casino and the results are Very positive . As for preshuffled . I have no input yet . But then again , this system is designed for them ….
    My nearest preshuffled casino is in Canada . And can’t wait to see what the results will be when i go there ..
    So if your serious about playing the baccarat game and making some money . My personal opinion whould be to purchase the Manual and learn it . Before stepping into any casino .
    Good Winnings To All …. Except the casino …… Max….

  16. MvD comprehension requirements:

    Reading Comprehension – 4th grade
    Mathematics Comprehension – 3rd grade
    Language: English would be nice but I have many students worldwide for whom English is their 3rd or 4th language. Therefore I included a diagram in your manual that spells out exactly how to play MvD no matter your language.

    Seeing the smiling faces of all my winning students once they realize at the Baccarat tables that they have just hit the mother lode of all Baccarat History: Priceless!!!

    And then there’s MasterCard: Just kidding we take PayPal and all other major credit cards as well:
    Ellis & CFC
    :wacko: :scratch: :mail: :good: :yahoo: :bye: B-)

  17. Hi miclus. Shoes that are all over the place with no consistent bias. That’s typical of “Factory Preshuffled Cards which are used today in nearly all casinos worldwide. MvD is designed to beat any kind of cards but especially “factory cards”.

    I put “preshuffled” in quotes because the fact is they are never shuffled at all. There is no table at card factories with a bunch of people shuffling cards, such a vision is ridiculous. Machines put cards in whatever card orders the casino specifies. I call those designer shoes. That is what we are up against today. And that is what MvD is designed to beat. We are fighting fire with fire.

    BTW, I don’t mean to imply that we won’t answer questions. We will answer any questions you have. That is what the forum is for.

    In the past, my approaches to the game, such as NOR, are complex – multiple systems with multiple modes. Such manuals bring many questions.

    MvD is ONE Simple, all hands technique (coined the Davis technique) that covers the entire spectrum of shoes we see TODAY. EVERYTHING that can possibly come up in a shoe is covered with ONE technique.

    It is different than anything you’ve ever seen before but it is simple common sense, Anybody can learn it in short order. Most of the very few questions I get have to do with terminology, you know, like:

    What is a ZZ run? or What is an Event?

    So, I’ll add a short Glossary Of Terms to the manual for beginners.

    With no questions, life will be pretty boring for me, so I guess I’ll go play.

    Hope to see you at the casino. Unlike most teachers, I play along side with my students all the time.

  18. Carlos has been my No. 1 Tester for 20 years because he plays high stakes tables exactly to the manual. He also knows the tricks of Optimum Betting which is fully detailed on the MvD forum which all MvD buyers have immediate access to.

    I gave Carlos a head start so that we could see early results of MvD play as soon as possible – especially MvD played with MvD Optimum Betting.

    Carlos says that hands down, MvD is my best work ever.

    Yes, we teach you that 345 trick he used on the MvD forum. It comes up more than you would think.

    I had a shoe just yesterday that got to +12 quickly with a 123 progression but then the player had to quit to keep from going below +10.

    I played his shoe with the 345. It lost 2 whole progressions in a row but still hit +40 W/O ever going negative.. It’s the best trick in the book and nobody else knows it – including the casinos.All of a sudden you’re seeing +50 and +60 shoes out of nowhere.

    Carlos had an early start but we will be seeing other Player Results shortly..

    For those interested I’m also having MvD computer tested in lots of 10,000 shoes. This tester has tested every Baccarat system ever created by me or anyone else.

    He called me the day before yesterday to tell me: “MvD is, BY FAR, the best system I’ve ever tested. It has the highest hit rate along with the lowest draw downs of any technique ever created.”

    I’ll post more news as it comes in.

    BTW, Carlos had NO questions. He was able to play MvD perfectly right out of the manual. Then he was able to apply MvD Optimum Betting from the MvD forum – again with no questions.

    The whole technique is so simple, so obvious and so common sense it leaves you with no questions that you can’t answer yourself.

    MvD is the technique all designers, including me, have been trying to come up with for the last 20 years – to no avail – until now! THEN, when you couple it with MvD Optimum Betting, you’ve got a tiger by the tail. You’ll soon see for yourself!

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