Mega Million Dollar MvD Mentorship Program:

You know, someone right here, reading this right now, is going to be our 4th Million Dollar Player Winner.

THAT is pure FACT. I’ll bet good money that it will be someone I personally mentored. Why do I say that? Because the last 3 were.

Not a whole lot, mind you, but I got them started with solid basics. Then they went their own way averaging less than 4 units per shoe. One played SAP – my invention. He averaged +4 but only when he played MGM Grand. He played a 1,2 prog..Another played his own simple version of the 4D – my invention – with a 123 prog. He quit every shoe at +2. And the third played his version of MDB+ – my invention with a 1, 1.5 prog He was in the right place at the right time with the right system and is still considered as a top player.

But today we have MvD which is a far better way to get to a million dollars. Some of you guys are averaging close to FIVE units per shoe FLAT BETTING at ONE unit. THAT can get you to a Million Dollars faster and safer than what the last three had to work with.

You know, I like to often compare Baccarat to golf. They are very similar. I was a scratch golfer in my day.

Getting your MvD manual is much like getting your first set of pro level clubs. Next you need to groove your swing – play some shoes.

The arc of your swing needs to be perfect so that you contact the ball in the exact center of your club every time – the sweet spot. You need to make each mechanical MvD play perfectly, every time.

But the depth of your swing also needs to be perfect. You need to hit all ball and no ground. You can hit the ground AFTER you’ve hit the ball. It doesn’t matter what you do AFTER you hit the ball. The ball is already gone! You need to perfect your betting strategy to the shoe at hand. It doesn’t matter what you do AFTER you’ve placed your bet! The money is already gone. You need to know which bets you are winning and which bets you are losing and size your bets accordingly.
Golf is a game you conquer through practice and play.

Baccarat is a game you conquer through practice and play..

In golf, it is good to have a Professional golf instructor who can watch your swing and perfect it. What are you doing right and what are you doing wrong?

In Baccarat, I am your professional. I can tell you what you are doing right and weed out what you are doing wrong.

In both games a professional can improve your play tremendously.

You can make a Million Dollars playing golf!

But it is a whole lot easier and faster to make a million dollars playing Baccarat – especially since you already have a Professional mentor. I can take on only so many students by phone and so many by email but a lot more on the MvD forum. THAT is what the MvD Forum is for!

So right now I’m taking on 3 students privately. They send me their shoes and I correct them just like a teacher corrects your homework.

I took on BacMan. He was doing most everything wrong at first. He was strictly back betting and missing key bets. He was letting other players distract him and missing more bets. He was not playing the right system for the shoe at hand.

But now he KNOWS MvD. He also knows OTB4L and how to switch to OTB4L in OTB4L shoes.

The Casinos favorite weapon is OTB4L because the casino ALWAYS wins when they deal OTB4L shoes – ha, except when WE are there. If we know OTB4L and when and how to deploy it. Sure, you can win W/O OTB4L.

Wayner did! BUT, the one shoe out of 13 he lost (-3) was an OTB4L shoe the casino threw in. I played it OTB4L 345. I was at +25 at play 20. Had Wayner known that trick he would have won 13 out of 13 and averaged well over 5 units a shoe – definitely Millionaire territory.

BacMan’s got it right now. Could even do some mentoring of his own. He might well be our next millionaire. But he better hurry. Wayner is nipping at his heels and Danny is totally devoted. Or, it might be a dark horse. It might be YOU!

The Mega Million Dollar MvD Mentorship Program will cost $1,500 USD to get into the program and that includes your MvD manual book and online MvD mentoring access.
Plus unlimited no charge VIP access to all organized Casino Forum Club seminar events.

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4 thoughts on “Mega Million Dollar MvD Mentorship Program:

  1. Greg, These amateur casino setups are easy to beat by a pro and usually don’t stay in business very long. You have the right idea. Follow what you see – mostly Opposites – you bet Opposites and mostly Repeats – you bet Repeats.

    You will learn how to do this far more formally and far better when you learn NOR.

    See, the avg player does the opposite. They play “Catch Up” that whatever is behind will catch up. This almost never works with regular cards. That is why they lose at an avg rate of 25% in a 50/50 game.

    Wait till they get a load of YOUR stuff – once you learn your stuff. Thy will quickly consider retiring their business.

  2. Without getting too political on US history and civil rights my thoughts turn to the 2nd amendment:
    Right to keep and bear arms

    And how this can be used as a metaphor for Baccarat and how this paradigm can be viewed in a similar light.

    House edge details (8 decks) [7]
    If Bank wins 1.06%
    If Player wins 1.24%

    Well that means for every $100 wagered on the Baccarat table the player is risking these percentage amounts to win. But generally speaking they lose this amount more often than not based on statistics.

    So technically can we honestly say that the average player who puts up a $100,000 as their bankroll truly are risking say just over $1,000 per year?

    I think not. In fact I’ve seen the opposite far too often. Whereas Players lose at a phenomenal rate of up to 57% or more.

    So back to my compassion to the 2nd amendment:
    Right to keep and bear arms

    When you look at what it costs to bear arms ie: State gun licensing fees up to $500 in New York and varied in other states, plus the cost of owning a gun and most importantly being trained on how to use a gun part and parcel which can be quite an expensive hobby.

    Yes a hobby that is an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure.

    But let’s Run The Table with Baccarat and to do this same comparison, now we can say that the total cost to do so is only a fraction of the cost of the Right to Bear Arms.

    That’s right, think about it… If MvD and Ellis’ 42 years of experience can easily guide our average players to say winning $100,000 in one year of play, then mathematically it only costs them $1,500 USD to do so, that’s right only 1.5% risked to WIN more than 50% total hands played not Lose…..

    Sounds like very sound numbers to me? What do you the reader of this post think? Are you losing more than $1,500 per year playing Baccarat? Or worse more?

    Well then we already know how much you are will to risk to lose with the hopes of one day winning but let’s turn the tables and now look at what we are willing to invest in order to WIN…

    Now $1,500 doesn’t really seem like such a risk anymore does it? In fact it’s really a higher than 50% advantage being a MvD Private Member that you will win it all back and more in a very short time.

    Now that makes total sense to me how about you?
    Let’s consider the fact that also some of those average six figure players will want to take their game to an even higher level of success…. Say our $$$ Mega Million Dollar Mentorship MvD Program well that is obviously an incredible yield on ROI…

    Which is probably the best ROI out of any investment instrument strategy out there today.

    MvD is the instrument, Now you as a player need to choose what level of player strategy you want to become with the proper training of using MvD in the Casinos.

    Ellis will be posting his 6 levels of player profiles that will help everyone choose which player level strategy best suits their playing expectations.

    Sounds like a great New Years resolution to me!

    Good fortunes to you,

  3. Post testimonial from one of our new MvD members:
    gawags Sent 2 weeks, 2 days ago Star
    Good Evening Ellis

    How do you play soft casino’s like the one I am describing below?

    A friend of mine took me out to a local card room near (Sacramento CA) last week. I knew they had baccarat and I hadn’t played since the MvD manual was published. So, I was ready to sit down and put my training to the test.

    I was surprised that they didn’t use pre-shuffled cards. Even crazier they were only using one shoe of cards per table. No red or blue deck! They just had the one shoe per table and it took 15 minutes to get the table playing again after the shoe ended.

    It was very simple to see the pattern of each shoe and the pattern was either opposites or repeats. It was late afternoon and the patterns were consistent to about play 60-ish. I didn’t really get to play MvD that much. When I did play MvD it was like bringing a grenade to a snowball fight.

    I wasn’t physically feeling well so I wasn’t really trying to go on the attack. This was a scouting mission and a very successful one at that. Flat betting was generating 5 to 10 bets per shoe. This place is going in the rotation next year.


  4. Just a follow up that CFC caters their business focus to the average player and making them above average players to be reckoned with.

    Albeit we still strive to guide those above average players in order to take their game to another level.

    The Mega Millionaire MvD Mentorship program.

    And that is now even more possible with the MvD technique we now have in our arsenal, with Ellis as your guide you can’t fail.

    Why? Because he already has created 3 Mega Millionaires, now who will be next?
    Let’s make it happen,

    CFC :yahoo:

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