Optimum betting with MvD³ for the shoe at hand

The Seminar is a shortcut way to learn MvD quickly, correctly and thoroughly. Most students grasp things better when they actually see them done, step by step on a score card rather than read about it.

But your manual does not cover MvD³ optimum betting for the shoe at hand, In fact I have never covered optimum betting before. How to bet the least amount and win the greatest amount.

Even our most experienced players tend to go to a casino with a preconceived notion of how they are going to bet, Wrong!

Two different players betting the same unit size can make their bet placements the same, in other words they both bet the same sides throughout the shoe. So they both end up with the same wins and losses. Yet one can end up winning twice as much as the other because his betting was more in tune with the shoe at hand.

Optimum betting with MvD³ for the shoe at hand. THAT is what I want to teach you. It is a separate skill in itself and I have never taught it before. But I WILL be teaching it at this seminar – Along with exactly how to play MvD.

Some can read their manual and know exactly how to play MvD. Others can read the same manual and still have no idea how to play it.

BUT once they SEE it done play by play – ANYBODY and EVERYBODY can learn that way. That is the purpose of this seminar.

And then we get the chance to play real games in real casinos in real time TOGETHER.

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7 thoughts on “Optimum betting with MvD³ for the shoe at hand

  1. True point on the Stop Loss, since I am only flat betting at the beginning of all shoes hitting 5+ is relatively easy to do but if it is too easy then I just change my flat bets to a 1,2,3 progression after getting 5+ or more and that’s how i get even bigger returns.

    My shoe win scores will even keep going higher faster and after 10+ or more I then kick it into 3rd gear by changing my progression once again to a 2,3,4 progression.

    That’s when I kill the shoe and just leave the crime scene before the Baccarat Police show up….lol

    I never thought that I could play this way on virtually every shoe but MvD³ gives me the confidence and winning returns to be able to do this consistently on virtually every shoe no matter what the Casinos are throwing at me.


  2. AND, what BacMan said!

    This is a GREAT contribution! A safer way to get a running start. This will decrease hitting your stop loss while it will INCREASE your shoe win rate as well as your hit rate. I should have thought of this myself. Hey Carlos, How do you like THEM apples?

  3. From the Private MvD Forum:

    BtW, here is what 777 said about Optimum MvD³ Betting word for word:


    This is perfect! This is a great breakdown of Optimum MvD³ Betting. Thank You!


    You wanna get a taste of THAT!

  4. Now with that said if i manage to get a win before losing 4 plays in a row then I simply just continue on betting MvD.

    Either way I win!
    BacMan B-)

  5. Hi everyone BacMan here
    Just been playing MvD³ optimum betting strategy and came up with a real safe and guaranteed method of getting a minimum 5+ units win rate per shoe.

    What I am doing is basically waiting till two events happen then I paper play (zero bet) MvD to start and if the shoe loses 4 bets in a row, then I just simply switch to Anti MvD betting strategy.

    This way I pretty much got all my bases covered and easily get 5+ on virtually every shoe played no matter what the casinos are dealing.

    BacMan B-)

  6. Just confirmed my travel arrangements for November 24th so I will look forward to meeting up with fellow MvD members and enjoying the journey of our united quest at the baccarat tables.

    If we get six confirmed Mv and MvD³  Optimum Betting seminar attendees Ellis as well will be there to guide us.
    See you there,

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