S“0”S Promo!

Well after a convincing test run of S“0”S basically averaging high win rate scores. We’ve chosen to make this our biggest quick start program to Baccarat.
Here’s what you get:

$250 USD for New Members.
(Private access to S“0”S support group private membership which include all rules and sample shoes)


$125 USD for all Private Members in good standing with CFC.
Simply send CFC a private message and we’ll get you in on S“0”S support group private membership which include all rules and sample shoes.

If our newbies later on within the year of purchase choose to upgrade their account to include full private member access privileges as well as a more advanced approach to the game, then we will apply 100% of their initial $250 investment in our S“0”S promo being offered now as credit against the $750 full access Private Membership on CFC for a difference of $500 USD.

We feel this way our newbies win their bankrolls and upgrade later while our existing private members start playing S“0”S and see how valuable it really is as another very powerful tool in their Baccarat tool belt. Win/Win for both sides would you agree!

Good fortunes to all,



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2 thoughts on “S“0”S Promo!

  1. Looks like S“0”S is debunking it’s critics based on the positive feedback we are getting from our Private Members playing it.

    It makes me happy that others are achieving the same great results that I am getting as well.

    It’s a beautiful way to just cruise through a shoe without running the risk of a potential storm.

    Glad to here from all of you whom are sharing their positive gains with us and hope to hear more down the road. And feel free to post your comments as well.


  2. Won every shoe today at a record breaking 26% PA minimum up to as high as 100%. (Player Advantage = money won / money bet) now that’s gotta be convincing…

    CFC B-)

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