Safe way to play the Switch using our Baccarat systems for Beginners

If any of our Private Members pick any of our six plus systems to play by choosing correctly which are the best one or two of our group of systems of play that would work best based on the tote board reading that we teach you and then you find you encounter the dreaded switch. Let me share with you how I work around this.

I personally use a Stop Loss of -2 and continue paper betting until the shoe resets before i jump back in with real money.

Otherwise If the shoe doesn’t switch back within a prescribed amount of hands played with paper bets then I will leave the table.

Works pretty much all the time.

But you still need to learn our group of systems available to defeat all shoe types the Casinos throw at us.

This can only be accomplished through joining the Private Forum.

That’s how I win every day.


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3 thoughts on “Safe way to play the Switch using our Baccarat systems for Beginners

  1. Re silver bullet: Always keep reds in stacks of 5. Always keep greens in stacks of 12. Always keep blacks in stacks of 10. Always keep your starting stack separate from your winning stacks. Get rid of your reds and pinks and whites. Bet the reds and pinks, ha, not at the same time. The whites are waitress tips BUT, NO alcohol! That comes later. I remember those days well – a long time ago. But Always know exactly how much money you have on the table. You see gamblers with a mound of chips on the table – they have no idea how much. But WE are not gamblers – WE are PLAYERS!

    I still recall one fateful night in Atlantic City MANY years ago. Can’t remember which casino it was but I found myself at 3rd base in a hot BJ game! I had my starting stack of ten blacks then a space and then up and down as the shoes wore on until I finally finished ten piles of ten or so I thought. I colored up. The dealer gave me ten $1000 chips – not 11.
    I looked at the dealer perplexed. He said: ” your winning stacks were stacks of 9, not ten!” I realized he was right. My starting pile was 10 and then about a 2 finger width space and then ten stacks of what I thought were ten all touching each other. I did not realize that my ten stacks were one chip less than my starting stack. I should have stayed in the game for another two or three shoes.

    I learned my lesson the hard way. To this day I ALWAYS check my piles of ten. Take the last pile and break it in half then break one pile of 5 in half again – a 2 and a 3. Then restack the last pile of ten and check that all piles are level and touching each other. I keep checking!

    It only takes a split second. But that split second cost me $1000. Ever since, I constantly check!

  2. Great stuff as usual Ellis. I would add to always keep track of your money management during a shoe and if you are already up a certain number of units then have a stop to lock those in as you may already be up a great amount and don’t want to start betting huge over this run and ruin your well earned chips from the previous part of the shoe. Know your own play and what your playing style usually returns you per shoe and either continue to play as you move up or bail out if you are about to jeopardize your gains.

  3. So, OK, first a new member learns 6 simple purely mechanical systems and practices until he can play all six correctly at casino speed. But he doesn’t know which system to play yet.

    So next he learns to perform the SAP count. At first he thinks damn, I’ve got to learn card counting. Ha no, anybody can learn the SAP count and how to enter it on their score card in just a few minutes. Your SAP count tells you which system to play.

    So now you know the six systems and which system is best for the shoe at hand. Often 2 or 3 of our systems will beat the shoe but the SAP count tells you which is best.

    So, let’s say the SAP count is telling you 1’s and 2s are higher than 3s and 4s VERY common. We call that a Choppy shoe. SAP is saying play system S40.

    BTW, S40 got it’s name by winning 40 shoes in a row played at 5 different casinos.

    So there you are cruising along playing S40 when Wham! The shoe changes to streak. You have 2 choices:

    1.) Continue with S40 because it has its own way of playing streaks. BUT, you are going to incur some 3 and 4 and maybe even a rare 5 bet. That might be above a player’s comfort level. So, he has a second choice. That’s what CFC prefers:

    2.) Stop betting after 2 losses. Wait for the streaky section to turn back to chop. Then start back with your base bet.

    But Ellis, what if they are long runs???

    Sure, you can jump in on a long run with base bets. But keep that play separate from your S40 play.

    It might stay Streaky for the rest of the shoe. Just bet Repeats.

    But, more likely, shoes that start out chop, go back to chop. Fine. Resume your S40 with your base bet.

    Look, the dealer must play every hand. You don’t have to. You have the advantage of only playing the best parts of the shoe. But an advantage is not an advantage unless you take advantage of it.

    THAT is what CFC is telling you!

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