S”0″S & SBac Navigator Spring promo offer:

Hello and welcome to the best winning Baccarat site on the web:

Why because we offer a unique navigator approach to the many ways of better attacking every different baccarat shoe type.

We are going to run a Navigator system approach for a total of $1,250.00 USD which we will add on a one year Private Membership as well (Valued at $750 on it’s own).

For now It’s time to move on to our existing private members and help them in building their bankrolls.

We at CFC are more focused on coaching versus teaching now that we have the best game winning Navigator approach to today’s highly evolved game of baccarat.

I would recommend the full promo offer of $1,250 USD and that way you get the free unlimited support and one full year Private Membership along with S”0”S & SBac private access as well.

For our current Private Members already your cost will be reduced considerably because you are active and that way you get the full benefit of the SBac advantage for exploit shoe opportunities as well.

We still will offer S“0”S & SBac bundle pack at $1,250 USD and if we get any interest in another Las Vegas excursion trip of 5-10 private members who wish to pay $250 USD then we will arrange it (subject to availability of time schedules).

Note: To purchase please private message me directly from this site.

Act now for the best winning possibility in baccarat.

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3 thoughts on “S”0″S & SBac Navigator Spring promo offer:

  1. Just posted a beautiful example of how SBac can even get 6+ units three times after play #35. It’s in the SBac Private Members Group site.

  2. Hi Rich
    Good question and the answer is “no manual” mainly for security issues whereas we have no ability to control our private members security operations or measures on their personal desktop, laptop or mobile smart phones.

    And we found that also since the casinos are constantly evolving their gaming methods and strategies of play in that we also need to constantly update if necessary our measures of attack as well to keep up with the current changes.

    That way all our regular private members can stay apprised of the new circumstances of the game.

    Hope this best answers your query.


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